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13 Mar 2014 - 22:58111997
May MCM Comic Con Hotel Spaces
I still have two hotel space for the May MCM Comic Con/Expo. It'll cost £77 and some pennies each for all three nights anyone interested? The hotel is LCA Ibis Budget formally Etap.

14 Mar 2014 - 21:27112034
Is that the one the other side of the river?

14 Mar 2014 - 23:45112038
It is one of the ones on the other side of the river, I'm going to line it does take 10-20 minutes to walk to the Excel but, it's cheaper than the rest and all I want it for is a place to lay my head... and maybe build a fort.

18 Mar 2014 - 17:07112112
I may be interested if you have two spaces

If you could message me with some more details that would be great ^^

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