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11 Mar 2014 - 22:35111961
Pickles of Doom's sale! Sailor Moon Collectables and cosplay.
Much love to you for checking out this thread. All items for sale are on my eBay page unless otherwise stated.


Please check out my page regularly for new items as I will be updating frequently as and when I find stuff that needs a new home.

Also for sale: Wyldstyle Wild West full lego cosplay £50 ono. Worn once at Kita and handmade by myself.
Collection only but willing to negotiate postage if nessessary.

It is quite large and built to fit a size 16, 5'2" girl (for size reference.) Made from cardboard and a fluff-ton of ducktape. Included in the lot are the head, top and body. Arms are not included as they are attached to me and the fan broke in transit from Kita, however I'm willing to advise you on how to make your own.
Wyldstyle is currently flat-packed at the moment for storage so will require re-assembling and maybe some minor cosmetic fixes if you wish to wear it. For your reference, I was built into this costume with ducktape but with a helping hand, it was easy to climb out of for breaks etc.

I'm sad to consider selling this but due to moving house, we'll have no room for it in the new place.

My phone is a bit lame so if you require pictures, please see my costumes page until I can upload a direct link.

Many thanks,

Pickles <3

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20 Mar 2014 - 10:51112150
Le bump

22 Mar 2014 - 01:37112181
I'm not sure if it's just something wrong with my browser, but there don't seem to be any items in the ebay link. Did I miss the auctions?

I'm interested in magical girl merchandise but I'm not sure what you have. Is it just figurines or do you have other items as well?

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15 Jul 2014 - 05:46114683
Sorry, i forgot to update this as life decided to bite back. The auction ended a while back but the items didn't sell so I still have them. Would you still be interested? I can post pictures here and update this post tonight if you wish xxx

15 Jul 2014 - 20:14114704
Update would be awesome

16 Jul 2014 - 06:32114709
Awesome I'll update soon. Got home last night to find boyfriend had packed all the figures up before I had chance to re-photograph them. Due to be moving this weekend so shall hopefully have the thread updated by next week xx Apologies for the wait.


16 Jul 2014 - 14:53114717
Very interested in CardCaptor figures =) Would love to see the pics


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