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11 Mar 2014 - 22:35111961
Please delete
Please delete as I'm unable to sell anything atm due to everything being still in boxes. Moving a number of times and will be again in a few months so not much point. Hopefully will be settled again at some point in the near future and get a proper thread and pictures up.

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20 Mar 2014 - 10:51112150
Le bump

22 Mar 2014 - 01:37112181
I'm not sure if it's just something wrong with my browser, but there don't seem to be any items in the ebay link. Did I miss the auctions?

I'm interested in magical girl merchandise but I'm not sure what you have. Is it just figurines or do you have other items as well?

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15 Jul 2014 - 05:46114683
Sorry, i forgot to update this as life decided to bite back. The auction ended a while back but the items didn't sell so I still have them. Would you still be interested? I can post pictures here and update this post tonight if you wish xxx

15 Jul 2014 - 20:14114704
Update would be awesome

16 Jul 2014 - 06:32114709
Awesome I'll update soon. Got home last night to find boyfriend had packed all the figures up before I had chance to re-photograph them. Due to be moving this weekend so shall hopefully have the thread updated by next week xx Apologies for the wait.


16 Jul 2014 - 14:53114717
Very interested in CardCaptor figures =) Would love to see the pics


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