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06 Apr 2009 - 02:4012529
help with gauntlet gloves/fabric/Anbu arm guards
I want to make some gauntlet type gloves like the ones from Tenchu Z (pretty much most Japanese/samurai/ninja wore them in the old days) and I'm a little lost. I've made a pattern based on the ANBU arm guards and so far it covers the lower arm, wrist and top of the hand but I don't know the best way to adjust said pattern so the material would cover/encircle my arm (like an arm warmer)

I would post reference pics but Tenchu Z is one of those things that you can never find pictures of on the net, especially of the clothing. I'll attempt to get a photo of the gauntlets on my phone camera and upload but it wont show the part i'm having trouble with.

As for fabric, I'm not sure about the best fabric to use for these kind of things. For my ANBU arm guards I'm using white cotton and some sort of white material that has fluffy stuff on the other side (i think the lady in the shop said it was interfacing or something. The fluffy stuff is kinda like wadding that you use for quilting) to make them sturdy. And my question about the arm guards is, should I put card inside them to make them more sturdy? I mean, they kinda stick out a bit on the elbows, but there aren't any good reference pics that show that, the best i've found (that isn't fanart) is This.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I apologise for the lack of reference pictures too.

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