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09 Mar 2014 - 12:19111898
Cosplay-ish.. - gunsmith.
Hi guys,

Recently been pointed in the direction of this forum, I can't say I'm strictly a cosplayer, I haven't been to a con etc or even own a complete costume, however it is something I'd be tempted to do. My real passion is below:

I'm a bit of a gun nut, and as such love recreating rifle, pistols, plasma rifles, etc etc from films/movies/games.

I have made anything ranging from the Pulse rifle in Aliens to Lara Crofts twin USP Matches (Both fully working and with correct chrome slides) to Hitman's Hardballers.

I suppose the closest I have come to cosplay is recreating real life military photos but my passion has always been in the weaponry.

If anyone is struggling to build any at the moment I'd be more than happy to help, I've been building them for 7 years now, ranging from metal/plastic shells to gas powered fully working replicas.

Here are some examples:

(Bonus points if you can ID which film/TV series/game they are from)

This one should be easy (T of the S)

This one was built for a customer who was doing one of the characters from a SEAL documentary so it had to look weathered and beaten:

I saw some people on here looking for MP7s...

Feel free to delete this thread if you don't think it's Cosplay related enough, just wanted to help some people out who are trying to do finishing touches to costumes.

Oh and here is my cosplay-ish impression of a photo:



Oh and it's Alex from London by the way!

If you're looking to have a weapon (firearm) built for a costume and need information or it built for you, drop me a PM.

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