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09 Mar 2014 - 10:54111895
Newcastle film and comic con
Hi I was at this event yestorday and all tho I got in and enjoyedcthe day there were hundreds if not more with paid tickets that didnt get in what a joke that was

09 Mar 2014 - 11:24111896
I had friends turn up with prepaid tickets and not get in over people turning up at the door and pay in and even the q for that was bypassed by people walking in

09 Mar 2014 - 14:48111901
I hated the event literally. The only good thing was meeting Dave Prowse, Carl Weathers, Frank Bruno and Sylvester McCoy. I got told by a mate of mine that a load of people were being turned away because it was packed.

Stupid...completely stupid, this is why I like London Film And Comic Con.

09 Mar 2014 - 16:56111903
This was my first all to I did find it packed and thort the walk way between the stalls to narrow and every thing was packed in I got in at 11 with a perpaid ticket and got a ticket to hav a photo with someone and having nowhere to put it I as 3 people on the door if it was ok to go and put it in the car and come straight back in and they all said yes as long as I have my hand stamped got that done and after 8 mins I was back and told I had to join a 2 hour q to get back in as my wife was alone in side I join a small q of people to complan about it at the door as my wife rings me telling me that shes herd the management saying anyone complaining was to be NOT ALOUD ENTRY after about 15 mins of people not been happy about hearing that we forst our way in throw the smokers door and when in to the hall to hide lol

09 Mar 2014 - 18:45111908
Guys, you have to remember that this was the first time this event had run in this city, at this venue, and I'm pretty sure it was the first time any event like this has ever run here. As such, problems were to be expected. I bet even LFCC and Expo didn't run smoothly in their first year. In fact, Expo aren't even running so smoothly after all these years.

The only problem I saw with the event was the amount of people there. Which, if the staff were anything to go by, was a far larger number than they had anticipated and were able to prepare for.
In spite of this, I thought the event was EXTREMELY well run, more so than LFCC in some aspects.

As for people with pre-paid tickets not getting in, I have to wonder how late these people arrived. I had pre-purchased an early bird ticket, but due to a last-minute job interview I was unable to get to the Arena until about midday. I did have to wait a long time but still got in hours before the event closed. The queue was moving fast once they ceased the sale of on the door tickets (something certain other events should start doing to combat the increasingly dangerous overcrowding issue), and there were staff walking up and down the line, keeping everyone updated and taking visitors with photoshoot tickets to the door so they would not miss their time slot.
IMO, if you're going to turn up two hours before the event closes, don't pre-buy your ticket. It's stupid. Pre-buy if you're going to arrive in the morning and want to get in quickly.
The staff were bending over backwards to help people in the pre-bought queue, they were fantastic. And the cosplayers I am assuming were from the Garrison going down the queue and keeping the kids entertained was a fantastic idea too.
Also kudos to the Arena staff who were walking down the queues selling food and drinks.

Inside, the organisation was great - I particularly loved the fact that photoshoot photos were printed instantly.
My only issue with the event itself was that perhaps they could have utilised the lobby space a bit better.
In terms of food and drink availability, I found this event much better than the LFCCs I have attended - there were a lot of options, and never any queues.

It's just a shame that this is the biggest venue for such an event in the North East because I think it was very evident that there is definitely a market for this sort of event here. We simply lack the correct space for one.


09 Mar 2014 - 18:51111909
I was there with a pre-paid ticket at 11am too. The organisation of the event was rubbish. This was my first large con, having only attended one small con beforehand. The venue was too small for the amount of stalls, the supposed "gaming" area was a couple of arcade machines, the cosplay area was not even marked out and was just the end of the hall near the autograph area.

It was so busy that you ended up spending loads of time just stood crammed in between stalls. There really should of been announcements with when talks where happening etc.. There was a lot of confusion on where you needed to get virtual queue tickets. I did enjoy myself walking around as the punisher, and enjoyed the day out but even as we left at about 4:00pm the queue was still right around the building. They should of made it pre-paid tickets only and limited the amount of tickets, so as to not overcrowd the venue.

I know thy have to adhere to fire-regulations and such which is why they were turning pre-paid people away, but thats just really bad planning.

I did enjoy it but it was terribly organised.

09 Mar 2014 - 19:01111910
I know the fact that I was pushed and shoved a lot by people yesterday without a simple "Oh, I'm so sorry, excuse me" or "Kiss my ass, out of the F'ing way!" sorta thing.

Believe me, I've been to the Metro Radio Arena several times for WWE events and all three events, I've been pushed and shoved and nearly toppled over/walked on by people and it really does annoy me, if anything, they should have asked to use Newcastle Football Club - St James Park since it's bigger than Metro Radio Arena and I know they can't say anything like "Oh well we don't get the chance to see if that happens", because that is BS, Collectormania is at the Milton Keynes football club (can't remember which one) and it's bigger than Metro Radio Arena.

I know it was supposed to be Animeleague running the video games and at the end it was very bad.

Yea, it was their first time up here in the north east, however, I think they shouldn't be able to tell people that if you're gonna complain, you'll be not allowed entry or that if you go out to your car to put stuff in you've bought from the arena only to say that you're not allowed back in. I think personally they should have done with WLFCC did and that was if you want to get back in, you have to have your hand stamped to prove you're back in.

Other than that, I saw no problems with the staff there from Showmasters except for the fact that I was asked to show my prop weapons to the person at the door instead of taking it to the main reception-part of the con to get it looked over.

09 Mar 2014 - 19:12111911
I wasn't even asked to show my weapons to anyone, as I went as the punisher I had an airsoft weapon which had been de-activated with no firing mechanisms, but I was expecting to have them checked, but I just got let straight in. I know that the MCM expo coming up in Birmingham will be different as they have pages of rules regarding prop weapons and costumes.

There are many other places they could of held the con, I agree that a football ground would probably of been a better choice as there are loads of quite large rooms in which they would be able to set up stalls/photoshoot/autograph areas, even one for use as a cosplay room.

I did enjoy the day out and had fun but it was too overcrowded, and the use of space was not utilised well.

09 Mar 2014 - 19:18111913
I agree that rather than provide false information the staff on the door should have explained that you would have to join the queue again to get back in if you got a pass-out.

As for showing your prop on the door - I see nothing wrong with that. When I have been to concerts at the arena we have had to have our bags searched. Things like that are up to arena security rather than the event organisers - if security tell the door staff they need to check weapons then they have to do it.

GTDave - despite Expo's lists of prop rules and regulations, I have found that it is one of the most lax events in terms of props. They may have tons of rules, but they are rarely enforced.

A football stadium would not be a good idea for an event like this unless it had a retractable roof, which I believe neither St. James' nor the Stadium of Light have. At this time of year it is too cold and England just has too unstable a climate to have so much money resting on the hope that it would not rain.
No vendor would put their stock out where it could get ruined, and they would really struggle to get guests if they knew they would have to sit in the cold for hours.


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09 Mar 2014 - 19:19111914
it was very overcrowded and not utilized very well as I agree with that. My mom said that chances are now Newcastle won't get another comic con here even though they've already got the dates announced on their website.

I think if it is next year, they really need to send a rep over to the arena and scout where it would better because the arena is just for shows like Lee Evans, WWE and music artists etc.

@Quinzel - I agree, I have nothing against it, rather be searched at the door than not be searched.

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09 Mar 2014 - 21:52111917
I personally didn't have any problems with getting In on either day on Saturday I walked down about 8:30 and stood in the buy on the day queue I only waited about an hour before and I bought a early bird ticket for Sunday and on Sunday I was late down and stood in line but one of the staff explained that I could just go in due to the early bird ticket. when inside the I found there was nowhere to put bags but again the staff were polite and helpful just as they were when I was in the queue I found that the talks on stage a were far to busy but all the ones of stage B had adequate seats and I found the cosplay guests very polite and happy to answer my questions even outside the panels. the only complaints I have other than the lack of a room for bags is the fact that I didn't see the torchwood costume display and the fact that space was very limited and I kept bumping in to people (sorry If a knocked into you I was the U.N.I.T. bloke) so overall I didn't have any problems with getting in and the problems inside were fairly minor.

El psy congroo

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