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09 Mar 2014 - 10:22111894
Essex/London Cosplayers up for some shoots?
Hi All!

Thought I'd post a bit of a casting call as I'm looking to collaborate on some shoots with Essex/London based Cosplayers (or further a field). I'm also heading to MCM London in May for the three days so would love to get some more planned shoots in (perhaps some prep shots on costume progression leading up to the event then some group meets over the weekend etc).

I have a few projects I'd slowly love to see happen through the year based on some gaming cosplay (like a Silent Hill shoot at an abandon hospital/psych ward). There's a few other ideas bouncing around but I have so many I'd love to work on I need to start putting them to paper (Twisted Princess, Hellsing Alucard/Seras, Guilty Crown Shu/Inori, Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter etc etc).

Anyways, a bit about me! Photography has always been a hobby that's slowly turned in to a real passion. I started with your typical point and click compact many years ago but never really had the control I wanted, or the ability to get the shots I was after given it was usually motorsports or airshows I was taking pictures at.

You know that moment you get home thinking you took an incredible magazine worthy shot, excitedly loading it up on your PC and wondering - "Who on earth stole my camera, they've taken horrible photos nothing like what I took through the day... oh well, shame about the crap they left on the memory card but at least they returned it". That seemed to happen to me...alot... That being said it was these types of moments that really drove me to learn and develop more of what I could do, upgrading to an SLR, using different lenses, lighting and composition etc there's just so much to keep learning and being inspired by it's awesome!

I can see I'm rambling, so I'll end it here. Aside from photography I'm generally pretty nerdy so the whole comic/anime/manga stuff is a huge interest that when attending my first comic con last year I was blown away by the Cosplay. I'd never really thought to shift my photography in to Cosplay as I had no idea so many people were involved in it, so apologies for a longer post but I'm really looking forward to hopefully hearing from you guys and starting to arrange some shoots to capture some amazing talent / costume design!

I'm slowly developing my work to start getting it online but in the meantime drop me a shout via contact @ martynharvey.com (without the spaces)

Take care all!

12 Mar 2014 - 19:00111972
Well hai!

Did you spesifically want the costumes/cosplayers you mentioned above, or would you be willing to take photographs of other characters too?

13 Mar 2014 - 20:41111989

Very much interested in shooting all different Cosplays, those I've listed are just some I'd eventually love to work on.

If you had any specifics or general ideas floating around let me know

14 Mar 2014 - 13:14112011
Hi! I'm an Essex based cosplayer, I also happen to have a silent Hill nurse costume. I'll be at mcm in may with a different costume I'm working on at the moment (space yoko from gurren lagann) if you're interested in meeting up, and if you ever find a good location for a sh shoot I'd definitely be interested.

14 Mar 2014 - 21:34112035
I've sent you through a message ^-^ It would be awesome to collaborate sometime :3

15 Mar 2014 - 18:20112049
Hey LMA!

Your silent hill outfit is awesome! I'd love to get some MUA's involved if I can find a decent venue for a group etc - there are/were a few abandoned asylums around Essex but I believe most have been re-developed now The one that gave me the idea is unfortunately in Liverpool as there's a group shoot being arranged on a different forum just for normal shoots. That being said it's a project in its infancy so location scouting will slowly move forward as I find out what's possible.

MCM wise or shooting in general I'm always interested, always new things to try / learn and build upon etc

22 Mar 2014 - 16:50112195
I am new to cosplay and stuff i'm going to comicon in may too! I am going as Yui from Angel beats ( which is my first cosplay costume so I am super excited to wear that
I wore a weird halloween costume last year xD
But photoshoot sounds like fun!

27 Mar 2014 - 17:05112309
Hey Pixie!

I'm there over the three days so can certainly arrange something Slowly learning the Angel Beats intro on piano - this guy is amazing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJInGGAPZgI

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