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07 Mar 2014 - 20:49111862
3 Essentials to Elsa Cosplay

Snow Queen Essential #1- You Must be Poised
A good Snow Queen must be poised and graceful. Our first Elsa cosplay model, the ultra-graceful Lin, was both of these things. She moved through the Breckenridge Ice Castles as if she were, well, a Snow Queen among ice (OK, she may have slipped once or twice, but she did it gracefully). With a calm swirl of her flowing cape (as she broke her fall), and a confident flick of her frozen wrist (as she tried to warm her numb fingers), we felt as though we were in the company of the dignified monarch herself. Lin made Elsa cosplay look like a piece of slippery cake.

Snow Queen Essential #2- You Must be Demure
The perfect Snow Queen must also be demure, reserved, and coy. Our second Elsa cosplay model displayed these qualities in spades. Rebekah doesn’t take her beauty too seriously. She doesn’t flaunt it- you may miss this reserved lady in a crowded room – if it weren’t for her striking beauty. A Snow Queen must be aware of her beauty, but she must be demure about it. No one likes a Snow queen with a billowing ego… only billowing, sparkly capes are allowed!

Snow Queen Essential #3- You Must be Fierce
The third, and perhaps most important quality of an ideal Snow Queen is ferocity… not that you need to yell at anyone, or pull any princess hair… you just need to strike awesome magical-looking dancer poses. Our third Elsa cosplay actress, dancer Erica, plays the fiercest of frozen sovereigns. All joking aside, ferocity is a must. Elsa is powerful, and she has learned to accept that power. She is kind but will not be taken
advantage of. Above all else – future Snow Queens- you must be fierce! You must step comfortably into your power and learn from your mistakes. And don’t forget to learn some awesome, magical dance poses.

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