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05 Mar 2014 - 16:58111774
I'm at the end of my tether, please help me (Long and mostly Wig based)
Forgive me if there's more than necessary "colourful" language, i'm really at the end of my tether and I don't know where to turn for help.

I'm on the verge of stopping cosplay all together because of how badly the Cosplays I'm working on have gone..

I'm working on two costumes, Operetta from Monster High, and Cerise Hood from Ever After High (Both Mattel toy lines and mini web series)

First off, Operetta
Her hair
that's the main thing
It's driving me mad, so much so, the wig head has been launched across the room on more than one occasion now...
This is the Doll

Clothes? Fine. Shoes? I can deal with, it's just her hair.
I've got a straight, red wig, which I have sewn black wefts into the bottom of. Now, I can't get the Front False Bang to curl nicely, or the Victory rolls to curl nicely either, I've used water, a comb, cardboard rolls, Got2be glued spray, Curling Tongs... and nothing I try hold it in place, or make it look nice, or atleast not like I've half-assed it with hair falling out of the roll, and it's driving me to violence on the wig head.

Secondly, my Cerise Hood costume
It's her god damned hair again
Now this is probably stupidity on my part, partly, but It's not helping me at all.
Here's the doll

She's got a white streak in her hair
I've got a black wig, and I'd hoped to bleach the colour out of a stripe and get that. I figured it'd work because on numerous occasions, i've bleached my hair and other materials have gone bleached with it. thinking about it now, they're all natural to some extend (Ie, my towels)
So her hair isn't changing colour.
I'm at a loss what to do.
I can't afford, or have enough time to buy another wig, or wefts and sew them in, They're right up to her hair line and i'm shit at weft sewing unless it's hidden under loads of other hair like Operetta's black wefts

ontop of that, Cerise has a pain-in-the-ass belt thing that I can't for the life of me find anything similar to, and the one person who seems to have something very similar to what I'm after and who is supposedly "my friend" is ignoring my asking for help

I'm just so frustrated and annoyed and i don't know what to do anymore, I'm crying, shouting, screaming, pulling my hair, scratching my face...
It's not fun anymore and unless I can turn this around before Kitacon (which I'm doubtful over), I really don't think I'm going to cosplay, At kitacon, or ever again. I'm on the verge of stopping cosplay all together because of how badly the Cosplays

05 Mar 2014 - 17:39111776
ok so most wigs youll get (unless theyre human hair) will be plastic
so no you cant bleach them
youd have to either paint them with something, or add in white extensions. you could maybe buy a clip in one, add close to the hairline and then trim the top layer of black hair short and paint it? so the clip wont be visible as its under hair, but it wont have black hair over it either? if you get me?

if you cant find a belt/cincher like that how about buying 3 thin leather ones and glueing them onto a wide one?

for the operetta one. theres a lot of tutorials out there for curling but if nothing works and youre not gonna use it again can you glue it?

05 Mar 2014 - 19:37111779
For Operetta, you might find cotton batting useful. If you cut it and dye it red like the wig, and sew it together so it forms rolls, you may be able to use it as a base for the curls.

Or, have a look at this tutorial for Jessie from pokemon's hair - it might help you with ideas on how to build a structure (as you will probably need a structure - wigs rarely can support themselves)

For Cerise Hood, I came across a tutorial for painting wigs - you mix fabric softner and acrylic paint. I don't know if it works with using lighter paint on darker hair though - sorry! I can't find the tutorial I saw, but this cosplayer seems to have done it - with black wig and white stripes too!

Hope it helps!

05 Mar 2014 - 20:02111781
Big drill curls like those can be created fairly cheaply using packing tape, wire and pva glue. Plus a fair bit of patience. Google something like "drill curl tutorial" to get some ideas.

You can paint a wig with white acrylic paint. It will change the texture but its the only option going dark to light. The only other option really is adding wefts.

Please don't give up hope though!

05 Mar 2014 - 20:04111782
For example:


10 Mar 2014 - 20:11111931
Thank you for the help guys
Cerise's waist cincher has been sorted, found one on American Ebay
And a wonderful friend has offered to help me out with her wig.

Operetta wise, I may have to resort to something like those Drill curls

Thank you so much <3 I'm feeling so much more optimistic about my cosplays now

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