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04 Mar 2014 - 14:56111735
Commission - Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)
Just wondered if there were anyone still available for costume commissions based in the UK?

This will be my first ever cosplay character and was thinking of going as "Rinoa Heartilly" from the game Final Fantasy VIII.

For the costume with it being fairly simple, I can source the black top, jeans skirt, leggings and boots myself. However I'm having problems sourcing a long blue knitted cardigan and matching armbands, with a similar style to the character's in game.

So I'm looking for someone who can make just the cardigan and maybe armbands for a reasonable price around size 16/18 (UK size). I don't mind what material is used (wool or something else) in order to keep costs down, as long as it's a similar blue colour and style.

I know it might be a bit short notice, however I thinking of using the costume for the Manchester Comic Con on 19th July 2014 in a few months time.

Thanks for your help,

07 Mar 2014 - 16:36111852
Hi there,

I'm not a knitter but I do have a friend who is a great knitter & will be out of work from Monday. I'll ask her if she's up for talking to you when I see her later today. She's fast & it shouldn't be too difficult to get it done for July for her.


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