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26 Feb 2014 - 16:34111605
My Tangled prize draw for Birmingham MCM
Hi my name is Nikki and I am a contributer to a blog called Just Cosplay. I am doing a giveaway on sunday the 23rd at the birmingham mcm. Its for people who are attending the actual con on this day as I cannot post the prize. All you have to do is like our facebook page and share the picture mentioned on the page, for more info please read about it on our page Good luck and can't wait to see everyone at the expo


26 Feb 2014 - 17:42111607
I've entered but what's the prize?

26 Feb 2014 - 19:14111608
I am hoping to get hold of a Pascal plushie next week as the prize

28 Feb 2014 - 16:15111647
Oh nice! I love tangled so much c:

12 Mar 2014 - 12:55111966
cool! I love Tangled and Pascal was my favorite character

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