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23 Feb 2014 - 19:02111499
WTB Size 10 Cheap Lolita/Cosplay/Extras
Hey Guise!
So I've kinda grown out of most of my cosplays, and am looking for some new ones.
Any one selling anything size 10? (UK)
I need something as cheap as possible - The most I'd have would be about £20 if I'm lucky.
This is because I've just ordered a bunch of things - Hotel for expo, and loads of Cosplay stuff.
unfortunately My cosplay stuff hasn't turned up and the site as disappeared, so Im trying to get my money back.
Im looking for anything like the following-
Lolita Dresses/Jumperskirts/Blouses/Skirts etc.
Petticoats (Light Pink/Black/White)
Wigs if they're cheap
Size 7 shoes I can use for cosplays or Lolita shizz
Any other accessories I could use, like random items (Legwarmers, Bows, ties, etc)
If you have anything, please drop a comment below and I'll PM you if I'm interested.

Many Dankes in advance - Rhi =w=

04 Apr 2014 - 18:28112490

05 Apr 2014 - 01:34112500
I have a few cheap cosplay Lolita items for sale here!

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