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22 Feb 2014 - 17:31111476
hello from the jolly old death star
just giving a hello to all you fantastic people, im new to all this cosplaying and abit late into the game (as i'm now 26) but better late than never

I started in october 2013 when i got invited to come to comic con london and stay at theirs for the weekend and loved it, im in the progress of making my warhammer 40k death korp grenadier costume but low funds has slowed it down abit but hopefully have it ready for this October london comic con

22 Feb 2014 - 19:52111480
Hi and welcome to cosplay island. I have done a 40k cosplay (Enginseer) and it seems ther is a growing number of us. Good luck with it and if you get stuk don't hesitate to ask as most problems can be sorted by some one hear ( or atlest pont you in the right direction)
For the emperor! Lol

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