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18 Feb 2014 - 19:32111378
Sunnycon - Harry Potter "Hogwarts Express" photo shoot
Hi! I am organizing a Harry Potter photo shoot at Sunnycon, I am hoping to make use of the one of venue's train carriages which are built into the building as dining areas etc. and do a Hogwarts Express shoot, there is also carriages built into the Platform 5 bar there (hence the name) which can be used for Platform 9 3/4!

I have set up a Facebook group for this here, feel free to add yourself if you use Facebook. There's been some pictures posted of the bar, and of the current inside of the carriages (though they are undergoing refurbishment they are due to be finished by the convention, though if worst comes to worst we'd still be able to get Platform 9 3/4 shots).

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