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13 Feb 2014 - 15:49111253
New to Cosplay~ Hi there
I'm new to Cosplay,
I've always wanted to try it out, and see how it goes, thought I'd do so at last.
So anyway..
Just wanted to say hello and such..
Also wondering if anyone nearby's heading to the MCM Midlands Comic Convension, as I haven't a clue on what to expect there.

14 Feb 2014 - 10:14111269
Hey! Cosplay is great fun and gets real addicting real fast, are you cosplaying with anyone? What are you cosplaying?
I won't be going unfortunately but I have been to cons in the past, things to expect really are large crowds and depending on who you are you may be asked to pose for photos. There will also be a lot of fan merchandise available which is really cool, some of it's food too which is interesting. It's pretty cool

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