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03 Apr 2009 - 01:0412437
Cosplay Island Spotify Playlist
Hey all,

I don't know if many of you have heard of this cool program called Spotify. Basically, it's free software that allows you to share licensed (and therefore not stolen) by using collaborative playlists.

It's sort of hard to explain but you don't download anything (I think) you stream it and you can share playlists with various users.

I was thinking we could start one for Cosplay Island to share your cosplay motivational music! XD

Head to Spotify.com and check it out, if you like the sound of it, download the program and set it up. Here is the link to the collaborative playlist I have set up.


Have Spotify open and you should have a application box up. Then we can start putting a massive playlist together.

The Bon Jovi is mine btw...


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