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12 Feb 2014 - 03:00111208
Computer Head Piece
I don't know where to even begin..I want to make a computer head piece that someone can wear, fully enclosed, like an old monitor..so that like looks like just and old monitor is a person's head. HELP.lol

12 Feb 2014 - 10:25111212
What skills do you have?

You could hollow out an old monitor and replace the screen with acetate. But that's heavy.

You could vaccuum-form a plastic monitor using a real one as a mould. But that requires a vac-forming bed and the apropriate skills.

You could make one from cardboard/plasticard/thermoplastic/craft foam/etc. But that won't look as realistic.

You could use a prop/display faux monitor (like the ones they used to have in furniture showrooms). But that might be difficult or expensive to find.

14 Feb 2014 - 15:59111274
could you show us what it is you are planning on making? Obtainin a cheap computer monitor off eBay and emptying it out should be beasy enough. replacing the screen with see-through plastic would work too, thou I would make sure you choose one with good rear airvents to help breath.

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