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08 Feb 2014 - 18:09111130
Help for Sansa
Because I'm a girl and I sadly can't be the Hound, I'm considering making Sansa Stark's pink dress for London Film & Comic Con. You know, this one -


The dress seems pretty easy, and I've got plenty of old medieval dress patterns I can piece together to make it.

But then there's the sleeves. If anyone can give me any advice or guide on how to make these monstrosities, it'd be welcome.


I think I'm right in thinking they're bag sleeves with a pleat in the back, but I'm not sure. I'm assuming I'll have to line them too, urgh.

Also the hair - I have a pixie cut, so I'll need a wig, but does anyone know how I can go about styling a wig so elaborately?


Thanks guys!

~ rift mage

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