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07 Feb 2014 - 06:28111102
What cosplay tutorials would you like to see?
There are tons of tutorials on the web now. Yet not everything has been done, or maybe be done in the way you like. I would appreciate some feedback on tutorials you might be looking for.

1. What costume(s) would you like to know how to make?
2. What type of wig styling would you like to know how to do?
3. What costume(s)/characters would you like to see altered to be every day wear?
4. What makeup tutorials, both for costume and inspired by looks would you like to see?
5. Are there any props you would like to know how to make?
6. Any other feedback on things you are looking for?

Thank you for any and all help!


07 Feb 2014 - 10:54111103
Whichever tutorials you decide to do, could you please use the approrpiate medium for that particular tutorial?

I'm getting frustrated with people using Youtube videos for everything. While useful for things like makeup and shaping thermoplastic, some things are much easier to follow with text and diagrams/photos (like making patterns, or multipart techniques where you need to skim back and forth to the parts you need right now)

Thanks! And good luck

07 Feb 2014 - 13:57111106
1. I would like to know how to treat EVA foam better. general tips on dipping/coating/finishing

2. i would like more info on all wig styling..i'm really awful at it. and also the general maintenance of them. but currently my karin dna2 wig.

3. not sure on this one?!?!

4. subtle make-up jobs for less feminine female characters such as the original major from the 95' GITS movie.

5. i'm trying to start work on a CZN M22 for my major costume. i wanted to mod an airsoft famas or p90 but i can't afford it. considering working with lasercut wood/foam but i'd love some help with scaling and stuff.

5. hmmm other than the aforementioned assault rifle...none at the moment.

6. not sure!?!

08 Feb 2014 - 08:00111121
I was thinking YouTube but thank you for the input. It definitely could be a combination of a video as well as a blog post for everyone to be able to use.

08 Feb 2014 - 14:36111126
I'd like to see a beginner's tutorial for applique.
It's not something that's elaborated on in great detail, I find. Which is a shame because you can create some very nice fabric effects with it if done correctly.
A comprehensive idiot's guide would probably be best.
Start off with listing what equipment you'd need, where to source it with pictures and links. Step by step instructions with video demonstration and before/after shots, that sort of thing.

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