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02 Apr 2009 - 13:1812390
Itachi contact lenses
Just wondering does any-one know of a place where I can buy some sharingan contact lenses for a reasonable price?
Or if not possible I was wondering should I just wear black or red contacts to save the hassle??
I'm doing an Itachi Uchiha cosplay at May MCM Expo this year and it's my first cosplay so I wanted to try and get all the details right.
Many thanks

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02 Apr 2009 - 13:4212395
Are these the ones you are looking for?


04 Apr 2009 - 11:0312488
I got my Sharingan lenses from a local high street shop. Just look for a shop that sells fashion lenses made by the company FourEyez and ask for the Chaos ones. They usually cost about £25 but if you want the solution and the contact lense case it'll come to about £35. I hope this helps!

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