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03 Feb 2014 - 07:28111017
New to Cosplay, Texas builder
Hello my name is Adam, But please call me Fat Man.

This year will mark my 30th birthday, and I am committing to a bucket list of things i've always wanted to do.

That being said, last year I went to TRF (Texas Renaissance Festival) one of the biggest Ren Fests in the world. I already had one costume that I had for a web series I did and for other festivals...

But I made a Barbarian Costume for TRF

Anyway, long story short Im Attending my first Comi Con this year in Dallas, And I got to do some good work here. So I wanted to join here just to help me create the costumes I am now working on for me and my friends.

Hope to hear from you guys, and hope I didn't offend with the pics. I can remove if so.

03 Feb 2014 - 11:26111023

This site's mainly designed to be useful to cosplayers in the UK, but we've got members from all over.

If you're here for the chatter and advice, and don't midn that there's not much about events local to you, you should fit in fine.

Its also nice to meet a fellow large person with body confidence

03 Feb 2014 - 20:27111038
Yeah I did notice the co.uk address and figured it was mainly for cosplay across the pond. Lol

But that was also one of the reasons I did it, the best ideas come from distant sources.

Also, thank you kindly for the compliment!

I've always been a big guy, and I know it sounds like an excuse but the chest and shoulders I have are massive. I'm built to be big. Why not be proud of it?

Of course that does limit my choices in costume.... Another reason I joined this forum.

Hope to hear more from you guys soon!

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