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03 Feb 2014 - 03:54111016
I Want To Learn More About Cosplay
Hello everyone,

My name is Raie from the Philippines. I've been an Anime fan for over 12 years now. I also read a bit of manga, play JRPGs, visual novels, but I never consider myself an Otaku. (I'm not that dedicated).

Being an anime fan naturally I've encountered Cosplay. I never cosplayed but I've attended events whenever I can. I have cosplayer friends so I try my best to support them.

I made this web tool called Cosplay Adviser because I want to contribute a bit to the cosplay community. It's a tool to help brainstorm for cosplay ideas. You can check it out at www.cosplayadviser.com

Basically I want to learn more about cosplay so I can improve the website. Any comments, suggestions, criticisms, will be welcome.

Do not worry as I am not here to spam or self-promote. I will do my part and be a contributing forum member.

Thanks for the time.

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