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31 Jan 2014 - 18:51110956
Help with adding costume to events list
Hi, can anyone help me please, You know when you are on the homepage
and you click events, it takes you to all events happening.
Underneath the February comic con, it say's something like (62 costumes)
When I click it, it lists what people have said they are going as.
The only thing is I scroll to the bottom of the page thinking there will
be an add costume to list button or something and there is
So my question, How do I add my name to the list and what
I will be wearing?

From Tracy

Tracy The Pink Princess
31 Jan 2014 - 19:25110960
When you make your costume page for your cosplays there should be an option which says "Worn at"
Clicking on that there is a dropdown list of conventions, you just click on the one you're going to wear that cosplay at and then it should appear on the event list of costumes!

Hope this helps haha!

02 Feb 2014 - 07:32110984
"ah" Ok, I see then you have to actually have put your costume on here with the photos first. I see, so I went to one of my costumes and I saw it say's worn at, but you can't actually click that.
I then go to edit costume and it say's event. Ok as I have only just finished the costume and haven't taken any photos as yet to put on, then it can't be added to the list.

Thanks very much
From Tracy

Tracy The Pink Princess
02 Feb 2014 - 10:33110987
I'm not sure what you're saying- you can add in progress/ planned costumes without uploading any photos. Most people just use a reference picture as their icon but you can even leave it blank.

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