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31 Jan 2014 - 14:18110945
Help making luckystar cheerleader dress
I don't have a sewing machine and when I borrowed one it went terrible wrong. I can sew by hand, just about.

Do you think I could turn

this cheap as chips dress

or this one just a little more but kinda wrong colour..

into lucky star cheerdress

By buying some white, yellow and green fabric cheap from market and sewing on the front? Or using an iron on star

alternatively I saw this

How hard do you think it would be to cover up the 'cheer' text with above mentioned sewing on bits of fabric?
Will it look weird the straps are white not purple?

Thanks for any other ideas too.

I am a little overweight (size 16) so don't want any clingy material or anything super short.

another contender perfect colour and shape but has sleeves.. safe to cut them off or look shit?

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