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27 Jan 2014 - 00:03110826
Cosplay suggestion help!
Hi! I need a relatively cheap/easy anime cosplay. But I have nooo idea. I don't mind doing makeup and wigs, and I will cosplay Males and females.
Heres the list of animes I've seen-
.Black Butler
.Blue Exorcist
.Soul Eater
.Highschool of the dead
.Pandora Hearts
.Elfen Lied
.Panty and Stocking
.Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood.
.Date a live
.Rozen Maiden
.Trinity Blood
.Dangan Ronpa

I also don't want to cosplay someone toooo popular (If that makes sense.)
All suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

27 Jan 2014 - 07:31110832
William T Spears and Ronald Knox from Black Butler are relatively easy, all you need is a black 3 piece suit, black gloves and the right glasses as well as the wig! My friend quite easily managed to make a Rin from Blue Exorcist cosplay, she adapted a school blazer and made the tail somehow, I'll ask her it looks amazing, she has fangs and everything! She is also in the progress of Lucy from Elfen Lied, again trying to do it on a budget. Pandora Hearts- maybe Oz? Not sure but again, adapting clothes. Hope this helps!

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27 Jan 2014 - 19:29110848
This is a great idea

I am planing to go to London Comic-con this year for Saturday and Sunday, I have an Ezio costume but I want a different one for the other day. I don't want it to be too expensive but I was thinking either:

Borderlands Psycho

I friggin' love video games and have only just started watching anime too (I've only seen Dangan Ronpa not gonna lie) So if you got any awesome video game suggestions I'd love to hear 'em, hell link me to yours if you have one ;D

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27 Jan 2014 - 20:09110851
Most of the Dangan Ronpa cosplays I've seen look fairly straightforward! What I like to do when searching for "easy" cosplays is to go to places like ebay/Amazon and look up individual items in the search bar, like "red pleated plaid skirt" and "long sleeved black blazer" etc etc. I've got a lot of nearly-completed cosplays ready just by doing this. You may even surprise yourself by putting together some items from your wardrobe

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05 Feb 2014 - 02:51111057
Hope I'm not too late in trying to help. But you can try using this website www.cosplayadviser.com

It will suggest characters based on your input (physical traits, costume requirements, etc.) I made it myself to make cosplay ideas easier.

05 Feb 2014 - 08:53111059
You could try Pride from FMA: Brotherhood or maybe what Ciel wears when they find Jack the Ripper.


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