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23 Jan 2014 - 15:49110728
Cosplay principle
Even as I wrote the title, I thought to myself that this might be a rather thorny subject to talk about. But nevertheless, I find myself...perplexed, or maybe conflicted about an issue of cosplay and I could use some perspective. Mainly because I don't have a context from which to judge.
Basically, it's about the timing of a cosplay. Or maybe urgency, depending on how you look at it.
I was browsing through my news feed this morning when I noticed a link to a cosplay photoshoot that'd taken place a little while back (when exactly, I'm not certain) It was of a character from an upcoming video game to be released next month.
And that's when it happened. You see, to me, cosplay has to involve an element of love for the character you're cosplaying. Whether or not this is a shared sentiment, I couldn't say. I guess it's just a principle I've always tried to adhere to, as I couldn't see myself as a character that I don't share an affinity for.
That then begs the question - how can you share an affinity for a character that doesn't (as of yet) have any substance?
In terms of material, it's certainly possible to do the cosplay owing to screenshots, trailers etc.
It kind of has a 'First' feeling to it. That the individual wants a degree of recognition for being the first to complete a full cosplay for the character.
Now, whether or not that's the case, I certainly couldn't say as I don't know the individual's motives or reasoning. It certainly isn't my position to judge.
But it's hard for me to see it otherwise. Logic would seem to suggest that you can't claim to have a deep-rooted connection to a character who, at the moment, is essentially nothing more than a collection of images, voices and motion capture.
Although at the same time, there is the element of challenge. The desire to wish to create something from nothing that hasn't been attempted before. So while the character being cosplayed isn't well represented, it's a display of dedication to the craft and the craftsmanship therein.
Also, there's the argument that it could be considered as a benchmark, herald or perhaps a tribute.
I mean, am I crazy? Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I nitpicking an essentially trivial thing?
Maybe this doesn't deserve a thread all it's own, and I'd be more than happy to delete it if asked. But I just can't seem to reconcile these conflicting opinions.

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23 Jan 2014 - 16:33110731
The thing you need to understand is that not everyone has the same motivation for cosplay.

Generally I cosplay to express my love for a character, like yourself. But some people are more interested in challenging themselves and pick a costume to test their skills. Or even just one that pleases them aesthetically. Others will wear any costume if they can hang out with their friends in a series/game/whatever group. Or pick a character they are "meh" to from a source they love, to fill out a group.

And yes a small minority just want attention, so pick whatever is popular or current.

The person you refer to omight be doing it for attention, but don;t presume. They might just want to have the costume to wear at a launch event for the game (or to use in promo material, or to run a magazine competiton etc).

I completely see where you are coming from, but don;t let it get to you. People cosplay for all sorts of reasons. Even the "wrong" reasons (Wrong being defined by whoever is speaking at the time )

EDIT: Did you see the cosplay frenzy when Jinx was previewed in League of Legends? Or whenever a new character is introduced in Homestuck?


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23 Jan 2014 - 18:08110733
I was going to say something pretty much along the same lines as Pandora. For me its also about the character but for someone who was more interested in craftmanship they may see a design they like and want to do a costume that looks pretty. Yes some might do it to get attention and to be the first person to do a costume and whilst we might not agree with their motivations in the end its their own choice.

23 Jan 2014 - 19:47110738
I totally get what you mean, and I've also wondered the same thing myself.

I usually cosplay out of love for a character, like yourself. I usually cosplay characters that I can relate to, and characters that I've come to know for a while.

I would never look at a character design from an upcoming game that I had no knowledge of/game experience and think "yup. I'm going to cosplay that one." HOWEVER. There've been certain series, games and movies alike, (*coughs*Pokemon*coughs*H2TYD*coughs*) where the designs have been released, and I thought exactly this. In the case of my favourite pokemon cosplay (White2) I completed and wore the outfit to a con months before the game was released. However, because I felt such a connection to the series (and lets face it, pokemon heros and heroines are all the same...) I felt okay with it.

I also agree with what Pandora says about different people having different motivations. I for sure don't have the same motivation each time I cosplay - but I do have the same fun in crafting the outfits, which is most important to me.

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23 Jan 2014 - 19:50110739
For me personally I'm the same. I might feel that there is a character that I'd probably like and so would be interested in cosplaying but it means a lot more to me to watch the anime or play through the game first. Once I thought that one particular character would be my favourite but once I'd played the game I found that I didn't like her as much as I had been expecting to and so cosplayed as another character that I liked more. Then of course there are new designs for already existing characters from ongoing series which I can understand people wanting to cosplay early.


23 Jan 2014 - 22:08110753
Quote Carmina:
I was going to say something pretty much along the same lines as Pandora.

I actually have a Time Turner. Every time you post something clever and insightful on Cosplay island, I go back in time and post something similar first

24 Jan 2014 - 14:05110768
With my costume/cosplay, I do it because I love the themes of masks, why the character wears a mask, it goes back to my childhood days of growing up watching predator days, then Michael Myers then WWF Kane, and now Jason. So my love of cosplay is my characters who wear masks, its themes and the psychology on why they where them is what draws me to these characters.

I get where you are coming from, allot do it has projects, or even to stand out. But its how people view how they want to do it

25 Jan 2014 - 10:39110782
I think you have, in a way, hit the nail on the head. I personally would never consider a cosplay of a character which hasn't been 'out there' whether in film, tv or game form as I believe you cannot cosplay a character that you don't know. Admittedly I have been aching for the first pictures of series 4 of GoT to get a glimpse of what Dany wears so I can start putting that together but I already know this character very well.

Generally I think if you want to be ahead of the pack then go for it. No one else is going to know more than you and also we mustn't forget this is a performance art so being recognised for the craftsmanship is also very important.

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