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21 Jan 2014 - 19:00110670
Stiffen boots
So I have some synthetic leather boots, however they're slip-on and don't have proper fastening for the top. Not exactly form fitting either, etc.

I guess I probably can't treat it to be stiff, however how about adding supporting inside? Like a cardboard brace? Wireframe mesh?

Anyone done anything like this before?

16 Feb 2014 - 22:23111328

My gran made me Yuna White Mage last year for a Con, out of shoes. She used fabric and some kind of stiff stuff inside to hold them up and velcro up the back to fasten. She also put elastic around the top. Anyway, I'm not sure what she used but I think something like craft foam would work.

Good luck.

17 Feb 2014 - 08:34111333
"Intefacing" would probably be the easiest thing to use. Its what they stiffen collars and hats with. You can get sew-on and iron-on.

I've heard of people glueing cotton gauze on the inside when making craft foam armour. That might work too. Although you'd want to use copydex rather than PVA so you still have some flexibility.

19 Feb 2014 - 17:49111401
Ah hah, this interfacing stuff sounds like it will do the trick. Thanks!

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