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16 Jan 2014 - 17:08110516
Anyone up in the North East?
Hey guys!

So the basics are that there is an event going on up here in the NE for recycling and we're in need of items that can be used for recycling to present so does anyone that can take things such as:

• Smartphones
• Mobile Phones
• Tablets/E-readers
• Laptops
• Desktop PC
• Set Top Boxes
• Games Consoles
• Hard Drives etc
• CDs/DVDs

to the NE (specifically Newcastle-upon-tyne)that you want to recycle or don't have a use for? We really need these for this presentation >_<


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14 Feb 2014 - 09:09111268
The cell phone jammer is amazing! I have got one cell phone signal jammer, really does work, you know, without the annoying of calls, peace of mind. I think everyone needs one. hope can help you.

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