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09 Jan 2014 - 16:35110266
Steampunk Disney Princess Group Oct
I found the steampunk versions of the disney princesses by helleetitch on deviantart and fell in love with them. I want to do Ariel of the Oct mcm in London and would love to make a group out of it for the Saturday or Sunday.

Here is the link to the picture of all the princess.

The other princesses I've seen in Steampunk are...
Snow White

Message me or leave a reply if you're interested and which princess you want/are interested in doing.

09 Jan 2014 - 20:25110274
I'd be down for Belle so long as the group doesn't fall on the same day as the Twisted Princesses group

09 Jan 2014 - 20:53110276
If I can cheaply and effectively steampunk up my Maid Marian (which I will be making straight and having a twisted version) then I would be up for this.Already have two groups (including Twisted Princesses) for next Oct though, hah!

09 Jan 2014 - 20:54110277
Double post - stupid phone!

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10 Jan 2014 - 09:49110285
That would be awesome. Thank you for responding. I have a solo cosplay for the other day I'm there so I'm flexible when it comes to doing this group on Saturday or Sunday. If anyone has a preference over which day, just say.

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