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07 Jan 2014 - 23:50110225
Stuff For Sale
the measurements are as followed for all cosplays -

52" bust
49" waist
52" hips
23" shoulders
19" neck (circumference)

Gokai Red - Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Price - £35

What you get with the cosplay:-
Black jumpsuit
Red & Gold overcoat
Gloves with silver cuffs attached
Boot covers with silver boot cuffs attached.

Amber Bailey cosplay - Dead Rising 2/Off The Record.
Price - £35.00

(NB: I have only worn this once and it is pretty much out of the packaging from CosplayFU. I bought it for me to use at LFCC however, I do not need it anymore since the costume dress actually scratches my moles and makes them sore, so yea, I'll have to sell this one ¬__¬)

What you get with the cosplay:-
Gold dress with sequins, there is a neck part (sorta like a halterneck) that has velcro to hold it together.

wrist band - same colour and same sequins

Garter belt x2 (dunno why CosplayFU sent me two but guess it works if you lose one of em)

This does not come with any shoes/heels/flats or wig, just what you see is what you get.

Pictures of cosplay -
Will put pics up soon.

Mass Effect 2 - Commander Shepard Black Dress (DLC Kasumi Stolen Memories)
Price - £25.00

What you get with the cosplay:-
Black dress (has a zip at the side so you can take it off and put it on easier)

White neck-piece (which is probably the necklace Shep wears in the mission)

Kingdom Hearts 2/Final Mix+ - Kairi cosplay
Price - £30.00

What you get with the cosplay:-
pink dress with attatchable hood (it's already attatched and the white "top" part is sewn onto the dress so you don't need to alter it at all), belts (including extra belts from my RE3 broken accessory), bag and boots.

Mortal Kombat II - Kitana cosplay
Price - £15

What you get with the cosplay:-
Spandex Lycra swimsuit/bodysuit (which is dark blue and has a velcro neck part at the top), pair of gloves (elbow length) and a pair of socks/stockings (Thigh high).

Doctor Who: Top Trumps - £5
Pictures -


Doctor Who: Monster Invasion trading card game - £50 (there is a ton of cards including swappies so you can use them for autographs or replacements. Comes with a collectors binder to put them in as well as 2x doctor who cards that I got for my Sonic Screwdrivers)

Pictures - http://s696.photobucket.com/user/ManicTheChosenOne2009/media/PICT0012_zps8123d748.jpg.html

Rey Mysterio: Behind The Mask - WWE book - £5

Dave Bautista: Batista Unleashed - WWE Book - £5

Bret Hart: Hitman - WWE Book - £5

Mick Foley: Hardcore Diaries - WWE Book - £5

Eddie Guerrero: Cheating Death, Stealing Life - WWE Books - £5

Chris Jericho: A Lions Tale: Around The World In Spandex - WWE Books - £5

Prince Of Persia: Book Of The Film - Disney - £3

WWE Encylopedia - WWE Book - £5

Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story - WWE Book - £5

John Stienbeck: Of Mice And Men - £5

For all these, I have a paypal account, so please let me know which ones you want here and I shall send them to you and give you my paypal account username.

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17 Jan 2014 - 00:28110535
Okay, so edited the price and lowered it. Anyone wants it, please let me know ok.

19 Jan 2014 - 17:06110613
Added a few more stuff.

23 Feb 2014 - 19:35111506
I have edited the prices to a good price.

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13 Mar 2014 - 17:25111983
I'm going to London Film And Comic Con, so if anyone wants something from here, let me know and I'll bring it with me to the con.

13 Mar 2014 - 22:49111995
What size are the Kairi shoes?

13 Mar 2014 - 23:18111996
I think they were made in a US size 11.5

Last edited by Namine (13 Mar 2014 - 23:18)
14 Mar 2014 - 12:14112006
Quote Namine:
I think they were made in a US size 11.5

Probably a bit big for me then, thanks for getting back to me

14 Mar 2014 - 14:15112012
not a problem

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