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31 Mar 2009 - 01:5212280
What cosplay would you most like to see?
I got this idea after seeing the secret costume parts on Tenchu Z (Poodle legs and head with a hotdog sheath.) and I really would like to see someone actually cosplay what I've dubbed "the poodle ninja" (yes, i am going to get photo's of this, it's too epic not to.)
It made me wonder what other people would like to see cosplayed, like Jaken from Inuyasha, characters from the Dark Crystal (like the landstriders) or humanoid versions of animalish characters (the bitbeasts from Beyblade for example)

So, what cosplay/character have you wanted to see at a con most? :3

((In regards to the poodle ninja, my friend told me that when that game was first released, most players went straight onto online play instead of story mode. She had completed story mode 100% so most of the noobs, i mean other players, were shocked at her ninja's skills. It left me wondering how the other players reacted the first time they saw a poodle ninja, and I'm now wondering how people at cons would react if they saw a cosplay of this ))

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