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06 Jan 2014 - 17:27110166
Stumped By Jumpsuits!
Hokay! Getting right down to business here. One of the cosplays I have planned for this year is Teepo from Breath of Fire 3. I'm still planning my way through the main components, but the one thing that's a problem so far is how to make his jumpsuit.

My initial thought was to buy a set of plain overalls and use Dylon to dye them purple as, to my despair, they don't make 'em with Breath of Fire fans in mind. But, as overalls are commonly made out of polycotton, would this even be a good idea, with the whole "dyes won't stick to blended fabrics as well" problem?

Are there any other alternatives, bearing in mind my total sewing experience by this point barely stretches beyond hand-sewing a patch to a denim vest? Or could I get away with going with my original plan and just dying it multiple times to make up for it?

06 Jan 2014 - 19:52110173
hay i have made 2 types of jumpsuits, I say it is time to try a make one the pattern may seem confusing but it is straight forward, also drill cotton is a good fabric to buy as it is more durable.

Or failing all that send out a call for a commission

"i don't like your plan.....It sucks"

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08 Jan 2014 - 14:02110233
You're right that a poly/cotton blend won't dye to a bright colour like you want. I have seen poly/cotton drill that colour (can't think where & don't know where you're based but try e-bay & a place called fabricland - they seem to be good on the internet). You could always get 100% cotton drill & dye it though

Jumpsuit patterns are available on the market - try etsy for a vintage 80's one. I know I had one from 80's that was branded as "easy". If you don't fancy making one I take commissions (I'm not replying for this, I am offering help 1st & foremost, I hope that comes across) & making one from that pattern that I have (if I still have it) would be around £50 for labour.

Any other help required, please let me know. It's far more satisfying to make your own & know that it's all your own work.

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