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13 Feb 2014 - 12:41111243
Majority of my cosplay is alone in my room, other than conventions where I'm still going solo (basically), I'm trying to meet people yeah it does get lonely and is a real killer to motivation when I'm watching funny cosplay videos then realise I don't have any friends to do that with! I'm trying to get more involved with the community, I live in kettering and there is virtually no one here, there are a few close by but they don't do anything that would give me the chance to 'casually hop in' with them and therefore it's a pretty hard struggle I'm incredibly shy and awkward so I don't want to be put in the middle of a close group of friends just like that, unless they're all open and willing? I guess but I still wouldn't like to be on the spot, I'd need to do things in my own time so I don't make myself look stupid or feel uncomfortable. Anyone in the same boat?

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19 Feb 2014 - 16:07111397
I feel exactly like Mormoka, I know people who I sometimes meet up with but I'd live to know people where I actually live to have chats and do groups with xp

24 Feb 2014 - 05:56111536
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07 Mar 2014 - 18:47111857
I usually cosplay alone, in that the times I have cosplayed 'with' someone (taken photos together, hung out for a while) have usually been when I've planned a costume and they just happened to be doing something from the same series.
Funny how the one time I plan a costume to go with people and they change the date they're doing it when I have plans so I'm probably solo on that one too XD.

I have cosplayed with other people cosplaying from different series. Cosplaying completely solo can be a little lonely, but if you have non-cosplaying or differently-cosplaying friends with you then it's all the same.

Do join some groups. It's a fantastic way to meet people. Plan your costume then ask around to see if there's a group going or if anyone wants to do one. It's a fantastic way to meet people.
Making a costume you're not bothered about just to join a group though...that I'm not keen on the idea of. Maybe it's just me, but I'd have a lot more fun being someone I want to be.


07 Mar 2014 - 19:17111858
Thing is, it's funny but I've never been in a group of cosplayers before, even though I've been cosplaying and going to cons for a short while. I find it's very easy to get more photos by yourself without any problems of the group splitting up and not being able to get back.

18 Mar 2014 - 18:47112115
I started going to cons to chaperone my younger sister (overprotective parents lol). She wouldn't say boo to a goose before she started going to cons, but now she'll happy go to them alone. She finds it easier talking to strangers at cons - you know you have something in common, and you have a great opening line by commenting on the other person's costume. It's lonely at first (although I say that from the experience of being the only person in a group NOT cosplaying), but it can be a great way of building confidence and getting to know people.


I have no idea what you're talking about, but it's evident that your fantasies are completely incoherent.
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