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06 Jan 2014 - 13:13110142
Cosplaying alone
I got into this hobby only last year and so far have not joined a group or cosplayed with anyone, I only take someone with me to take photos and look after my things.

My question is, do you ever cosplay alone? If so, do you prefer it that way or would you prefer to be with a fellow cosplayer? Do you get lonely? How do you keep yourself busy at conventions if there isn't anyone to spend the time with?

06 Jan 2014 - 13:29110146
I haven't purposely cosplayed alone, although last year the two other people I went with decided that MCM machester wasn't for them and left without me.

so I guess I did cosplay alone, and it was pretty lonely.

06 Jan 2014 - 13:29110147
I have never really cosplayed alone, i have always had a friend with me however we never cosplay from the same thing and tend to find we separate during the day to go find different groups. I must admit it does get a bit lonely and i do feel a bit lost but i do usually find other people to talk to or find a group of cosplayers from the same series.

06 Jan 2014 - 14:27110151
At times I have, but usually that's because my fiancé likes to pick something that matches the series I'm cosplaying from. There have been times where that hasn't been possible when I'm not in a large group so we've both had to go solo.

It doesn't particularly bother me much because we are into the same things, so if a fan of the series he's cosplaying from turns up I can chat to them just as easily. If it's at a con I just go to panels and I'm absolutely positive that people are there for similar interests and I can strike up a conversation with anyone without any problems.

06 Jan 2014 - 14:49110153
I do cosplay alone but I prefer it when I have someone else around to spend time with. They don't even need to be from the same fandom as who I'm cosplaying from.

When I'm on my own at conventions, it does get pretty lonely, but I love when people comes and talk to me about my costume or how to get started or even for a photo. I always feel flattered that people have taken the time to approach me.

If I knew about other people on their own at conventions, I'd definitely ask if they wanted to meet up at some point in the day. You can never have enough friends that cosplay.

06 Jan 2014 - 14:51110154
I used to go solo to events, and yeah it does get pretty lonely.

These days I go with my cosplaying girlfriend, but getting involved in meet-up and planned photoshoots is a great way to make friends, and meet like-minded people.

Nearly all the people I now meet up with at conventions are friends I've made at meet-ups.

06 Jan 2014 - 15:35110157
2 of my 3 cosplays were for a prearranged group. The last was one with my fiancé. And then for manc mcm I just walked round in my R2D2 swim (not really cosplay but awesome XD) and there was other girls there in similar things.

If you wanted to, there's plenty of meet ups and series groups that happen. Like you're doing GOT and I'm sure there will be GOT cosplayers at events so on the forums you could ask if any are going and meet up with them for photos and general lollery

06 Jan 2014 - 17:08110163
When I went to MCM May last year, I was running solo. As well as it being my first time attending an expo/convention and cosplaying, I had no idea which way was up most of the time.

Sure, it was awesome to get people taking photos of me while in the halls, but it took me until Saturday afternoon to realise that the western entrance both A) existed, and B) was where hundreds of cosplayers were being all social and rocking out to.. that metal band I can't remember the name of. I was staying at the Ramada that year and, compared to the other side of the ExCel, the east entrance looked like something out of 28 Days Later.

Even though I'm far from the most social guy in the world, I couldn't help but think that I was missing a significant part of the whole experience; meeting up with fellow cosplayers, doing a group shoot and such.

This year, I'd certainly enjoy myself better if I was part of a group and able to take part in more stuff as a result. Though, last year, they had a full set-up of Rock Band 3 nestled in the gaming area. So I played that quite a lot. And caught the impromptu live performance of Weebl suddenly showing up and singing "Amazing Horse" during one afternoon. Which was pretty cool.

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06 Jan 2014 - 17:21110165
Quote Origin:
Even though I'm far from the most social guy in the world, I couldn't help but think that I was missing a significant part of the whole experience; meeting up with fellow cosplayers, doing a group shoot and such.

Weirdly enough, i didn't realise there was a western entrance until late on in the day on the saturday at MCM London in October when i really needed to stop squeezing into the crowds to actually get anywhere.

I've quoted what you said above because i think you have hit the nail on the head, i do feel like i am so how missing out on several things and i have put this down to just not having the confidence to be that bit more involved than i am right now.

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06 Jan 2014 - 17:52110168
The first "proper" con (2nd con, first was Golden Demon which is more of an Expo) I went to in 2006, I went with a school friend and a friend from college; both abandonned me after day 1, but I made friends pretty quickly by just going up to cosplayers that were in costumes from series I liked. Plus, I'd met a couple of people at cosplay meet-ups a few weeks before that I hung out with and managed to match badgenames to people I'd been chatting to on the forums. Several of those people have been my best friends for 8 years now!

The 3rd con I went to I was supposed to be going with two school friends who dropped out at the last minute, but I decided to go anyway (my dad had to take me as I was not allowed to travel so far alone at that stage). Again, I just tracked down my friends from the last event/meets and had a blast. It was also the first con I did a group cosplay (& masquerade) at and I certainly enjoyed it much more than cosplaying on my own.

The first couple of years, when I started going to cons, I used to travel alone and then just meet up with friends there because I live in the middle of nowhere and my schedule used to be quite awkward; so I'd often have to go a day later than everyone else. We've gotten better at it now though! I deffo prefer travelling with my friends.

Since then I've done a mixture of group and solo cosplays, but I nearly always have more fun in group costumes. I've mainly been cosplaying with my friends from Blood/Sugar Cosplay and a few other mates for the last few years, but we've started getting back into cosplaying with bigger groups at events, like the Disney Dressphere girls at Aya Apocalypse and LotR at London Expo (though I wasn't in cosplay that time). It's certainly a lot more fun to hang out with people who share your love of a series in a big group.

Don't be scared, just check the forums for the event you're attending (and on here of course!) a few weeks before it to see if there's a group for what you're cosplaying (and if not, why not start one?). Or, you happen to see a group (or even just 1 person) of people in the same costumes as you, chances are they'd be happy to have more people join them. Just say hi and let the good memories happen.

06 Jan 2014 - 20:25110177
Just make the most of things!
I will be cosplaying for the first time/going to a CON for the first time in June in Belfast and I'm cosplaying alone. My boyfriend is coming with me but he definitely won't cosplay, he just wants to come to see the CON.

I'm nervous for a whole bunch of reasons, since it'll be my first time but I'm gonna make the most of cosplaying alone and I'm gonna try to meet other people who cosplay!

I hope we can all find some groups to join in the future and I'm sorry to you guys who got let down by people at the last minute that really sucks.

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06 Jan 2014 - 21:29110184
I went to Ayacon by myself last year, which was my first convention alone (previously I have done MCM Expo but very much different), and I must admit it was very strange being alone and not knowing anyone.

I find there are pros and cons to cosplaying solo.

The pros are that you can go off and do what you want without worrying that anyone else wants to do anything else. You can also cosplay as what you want, without trying to be someone particular for a group.

The cons are that often you can be standing around feeling at a loss, wishing you had someone to talk to. It's also frustrating when you want pictures taken either with someone or by some great scenary. Though at least you have someone with you to take photos, which does help.

Whilst my fiancee does enjoy cosplaying, we like completely different genres and styles, so having a couples costume never works. Plus, she is getting more frustrated with MCM Expo due to the sheer numbers that are there, with only so much to do over the weekend.

People may say you could talk to others about their cosplay, but it is not so easy to try and strike up a conversation with someone. As a man, I find it very diffcult because I worry if I try talking to a woman about her costume it can come off as looking like a creeper.

06 Jan 2014 - 22:31110185
Most of the time I accompany my friends and we go to events together but there are times where I choose to go around the floor alone so i can enjoy things like the dealers room or explore the venue at my leisure but I never attended a convention without knowing anyone. At my first Midlands MCM I went only with a non-cosplay friend. While it felt weird it was nice just to just have company.

Lately my friends and I have been spending more time cosplaying from the same series, mostly unintentionally and we all kinda agree we go things together yet we have days where we all cosplay from separate series.

Alcon 2016

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06 Jan 2014 - 23:15110188
I have cosplayed alone at events before, sometime with my non cosplaying brother and sometime completely by myself. I have also attended with a friend that was in cosplay.

Cosplaying alone is not really a problem at the huge events like MCM as there are so many other cosplayers around that you don’t stand out if you are on your own, plus there is plenty to do even if you don’t have anyone to talk to. It’s also usually fairly easy to find a related group photo shoot, which gives you a chance to talk to people with the same interests for part of the day. I found it less fun at smaller events with less focus on cosplay like LFCC as there is not a lot to do unless collecting autographs is your thing.

Having a non-cosplayer with you is always useful as they can help hold bags, etc when you pose for photos and can also take photos of costumes that you may not be able to photograph yourself due to the constraints of your own costume. Cosplaying with another cosplayer is also good as you give each other moral support but if you both have masks or helmets you might find that you don’t actually spend that much time talking to each other. I also find that you can end up wasting time trying not to get separated / trying to meet back up when events are very crowded, which is not a problem when you are alone.

Overall I guess I prefer having someone else there whether they are cosplaying or not but I don’t let that stop me from going to events by myself, as it is too easy to miss out on things because you were waiting for other people to make up their minds about going.

07 Jan 2014 - 11:00110193
yea, with cosplaying alone, you find that there's no cosplay shoots to go to, plus you're free to do what you want instead of someone else like a friend say "Oh let's go outside and see if there's any other cosplayers that we can get a photo with".

07 Jan 2014 - 11:05110194
I usually go to cons with a friend (or sometimes a couple of friends) and sometimes she matches me but sometimes we want to do different things. I've also on occassion gone to cons alone. It's nice to have someone with you for sure but going alone you have more flexibility to join in groups and meet new people. It's nice even if you go with someone else not to always be glued to each other.

07 Jan 2014 - 11:53110195
Cosplaying alone Reply
Quote sarah-khaleesi:
I got into this hobby only last year and so far have not joined a group or cosplayed with anyone, I only take someone with me to take photos and look after my things.

My question is, do you ever cosplay alone? If so, do you prefer it that way or would you prefer to be with a fellow cosplayer? Do you get lonely? How do you keep yourself busy at conventions if there isn't anyone to spend the time with?

I always cosplay alone. I would prefer to be with a fellow cosplayer or a cosplay group. Yes, I do get lonely. I keep myself busy at conventions by talking to traders and other attendents/cosplayers.

07 Jan 2014 - 12:24110198
I hate cosplaying alone. It's held me back for a long time before I was able to make strong friendships with people that I know I can always hang out with.

I bought a ticket for Kitacon twice in previous years, and then gave it up because I was too scared of being alone.
I know lots of people said that you just need to talk to people, but I am so terrible at making new friends. I don't talk to people if they don't talk to me first (although, I'm much better than I used to be).

I don't mind if I'm with people who are cosplaying or not, whether they're from the same series or not, but I feel a world of loneliness if I'm on my own at a convention.

Luckily, I probably know just about enough people now, that if I can't find anyone in my main group of friends I can find someone to talk to.
Although they're usually with their friends so I just sit/stand feeling awkward, until one of us has to leave...

07 Jan 2014 - 14:28110204
I can walk the line.
The advantage of cosplaying alone is that you're not tied to any individual or agenda. You can do what you want, go where you want and chat to whomever you want. If anything, it's more liberating because you don't have to worry about how your behaviour will be perceived by your friends.
But on the other hand, a passion shared is a passion doubled. You get to bond with your friends in a way that day-to-day life can't really compare to. To say nothing of that fact that you can nerdgasm over your preferred fandoms.
So, I usually go with the flow. If there's people who want to tag along, fine. If not, that's great too.

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07 Jan 2014 - 18:03110210
I do cosplay alone, never been part of many groups but that can be an advantage as it gives me more freedom to my costume choices, which i enjoy very much

07 Jan 2014 - 20:19110215
I usually cosplay alone or with one other person but I would adore to get a big group one day for something. I love seeing large groups of people doing the same thing

07 Jan 2014 - 20:40110216
I cosplay alone frequently and usually meet new people when i'm there, however, one day, I'd like to be part of a group.

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08 Jan 2014 - 17:08110237
I totally get what people are saying about being scared of starting convos, I have been there so often in the past and I still find it hard; though, like others have said, I am getting better at this with time and practice. Generally, people at cons are in a similar position to how you're feeling - nerds are, by and large, socially awkward buggers - and are ready to make friends if only someone will make the first move, it can be super hard, yes, but, if they are in a cosplay from a series you like or are also cosplaying from then you have an instant opening conversation piece: "Oh, you like x? Me too! What did you think of the latest episode/book/volume, etc.?

There's cosplaying alone: where you are the only one in your group/duo/whatever of friends cosplaying at all or as a character from a particular series. You don't necessarily have to stick with your mates all day as long as you set up meeting points or have (working, switched-on) mobiles and have exchanged numbers. You can do your own thing for a bit, this is something my friends and I (especially me, cos, anxiety much?) have been learning this last year. It's OK to cosplay what you want and not just what your friends want you to do with them, especially if you don't even like what they want you to do (been there, done that, made the cosplay); it's OK to go to a panel that your friends don't want to go to or not go to an event that they want to, but you don't. They're not going to hate you for it (and if they do, well, they're not worth it then tbh). This is something I've had to figure out because... yeah, I am a whole knotted up bag of cats. lol.

And then there's cosplaying alone, where you are completely on your tod. The former is fun and can be pretty relaxed if you let it be, the latter kinda sucks. A lot. Unless you prefer your own company, then I suppose it'd be more fun(?).

Now, I am about to be super, SUPER cheesy:

When I say, that "you should just go for it", I say it from experience of not doing so and regretting it. I challenge you all - just as I challenge myself - to do something that scares you and come away from each event you attend with at least 1 new contact. It's my plan from now on, so why not join me?

...And if you want to practice, I am totally up for a chat (unless I'm running around like a blue-bahookied fly trying to get to a masquerade or summat) just have a look at my profile (or anyone else you actually want to talk to, I am just volunteering myself. lol.) and cosplays closer to an event and see if you can spot me. It'll be like "Where's Wally" or something.

12 Jan 2014 - 21:35110385
I cosplay alone pretty much always and yeah, it's pretty lonely and sad. I do enjoy some company of a friend, or even a stranger that cosplays someone who is close to your character. Some company is always nice.

13 Jan 2014 - 08:22110391
Just sticking my head in here to say that most people are super friendly at events/cons and will respond happily to being talked at. I've made some great new friends that way myself!

If someone doesn't seem to want to talk to you, however, don't assume the worst - that you've freaked them out, or that they're bitchy/unfriendly/cliquey, or that you should stop trying to make friends because that one person blanked you or didn't want to chat much.

Some people just run low on social energy and really can't deal with talking to strangers at cons (this happens to me sometimes) or else that person may be upset/angry/nauseous for reasons completely unrelated to you and not really wanting to talk to anyone. Or they may be in a hurry to get to a panel or a photoshoot or to meet a friend. There are lots of reasons someone might not want to talk to you right then.

And if someone doesn't seem to want to talk to you, don't push it - that'll be no fun for either of you - just accept that there are reasons that probably aren't your fault, and go try to make friends with someone who'll be happier right then to make a new friend.

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