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05 Jan 2014 - 17:38110105
WANT: deadpool utility belt
Hey was wondering if any one in the uk could make me belt like this one

Thanks in advance

08 Jan 2014 - 13:52110232
I made my husband's Deadpool (check out my profile - there's pictures) costume from scratch but he sourced the hardwear & webbing. I tried asking him where he got them from but he's in the middle of Call of Duty & I can't get a great deal of sense from him right now!

He says that he used 3 companies, one from UK & two from China & has really happy with postage time & costs (he'll have a search under his bookmarked pages when not in the line of fire!) & his belt buckle was an official Marvel enamelled buckle.

Let me know if you want me to probe him further for more details...

23 Jan 2014 - 20:08110746
deadpool belt
Hi Kieran,
Sorted your utility belt yet? I work in leather making props and costumes for a living. If you look at my pinterest boards you will see I work in other materials too.
Diamond Awl pinterest board

Diamond Awl website for a different view of what I do.

I just really like making interesting stuff. Talk later, I hope.

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