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29 Dec 2013 - 03:53109886
commissions for wig/trousers/etc needed!

i'm looking to get a new gary oak wig, which i will need styling and definitely cutting for me. though i don't currently have the base wig, i am looking at arda's jareth in mahogany (as seen here) but am certainly up for suggestions if you have any ideas on a better base wig before i go ahead ordering anything! arda's spanish brown is my current gary wig, so i feel pretty secure that it works well as a super thick and comfortable wig, but a cheaper alternative is certainly welcomed if you have anything in mind.

style-wise, his hair's ridiculous tbh. it's kind of a spike-athon, and should you be willing to do this for me, i'll provide an absolute plethora of reference images and we can try and talk the style through and whatnot! i love my current wig, but it's slightly too long and doesn't take spikes like i would like, and takes the better part of a con to actually style before getting to leave the hotel room ;;

aaaand not-wig stuff! i'm looking to commission gary's purple combat trousers with the matching wristbands. whether the pockets are functional or not doesn't matter too much, as long as the colours match and they're definitively purple!

ALSO! i'm looking to get some quotes for a friend for ash's advanced outfit - just the hoodie, gloves and cargo pants. so just pm me if you're interested in it and i'll pass you on to her - i'm just killing two birds with one stone here!

as for prices, send me quotes for the wig, the trousers/wristbands or for ash! i've commissioned people a fair few times now and so i understand the effort that goes into it on your part. i'm no stranger to the pricings by now!

also, i (and my friend) need these by the end of march for kitacon, so sooner better than later!

this post may be updated when it's not 3am and i can think more clearly about what i need, whoops ;; i may be looking for carlos mendoza's tracksuit bottoms too, whop.

send me a message either here or at dennousenshiporygon [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested! thanks!

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