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30 Mar 2009 - 02:3712216
naruto sandal tutorial/metal plates
I found this and learnt that I can use it to make the knee high sandals I want, only I don't have a sewing machine or a hot glue gun. Is it possible to make these shoes without them? Or at least without a sewing machine?

And about the metal plates, if I took a plate from an official headband (or in this case, gloves or wristband) would I be able to reattach it to a different piece of fabric using the studs that come with it? here're some pictures of headbands.
Thanks for any help, sorry if I've repeated myself.

31 Mar 2009 - 23:4112328
I think handsewing is the obvious option. Lots of it, of course :/ But there's only straight stitch involved, so you should be fine. Double up your thread and keep your stitches small to keep it together and give a neat, straight edge, though.

I would say superglue can replace a glue gun, but I know they're not the same, and super glue most liekyl won't stick fabric as well as hot glue does. I can't say i've ever tried super glue though.

If you can't buy a glue gun, then another (slightly messier) option is to buy a pack of glue sticks and melt the end with a hair dryer or like. Getting low heat ones will keep it melted for longer (and it'll melt quicker) and you'll be able to do more with it in the short time. not the best, but a cheaper alternative if you don't want to buy a glue gun.

Oh, and also, the headbands I have are firmly fixed by riuvets. Which are a) hard to pry out and b) not reuseable (I believe - feel free to contradict me ^^ I'm quite sure I've seen a tutorial for making a plate like that. Have a look around cosplay.com. There's bound to be someone who's made one.

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01 Apr 2009 - 10:2612338
As far as the glue goes I've used both contact adhesive and all purpose solvent based glue on fabric with no problems and it's held like concrete.
I prefer contact adhesive though just because you don't have to hold it in place whilst it dries

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