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27 Oct 2007 - 01:50622
Bleach straw sandals help
Could anyone suggest the best place to buy a pair of straw sandals like they where on Bleach?
I know there are a few places on E-bay that sell them but I was wondering if someone who may have already bought and wore the sandals could help me out?

28 Oct 2007 - 16:16627
i got a pair from a japanese shop that sold old world japanese type stuff, along with some wooden geta, they have lasted about 2 years now and 3 cons. ill put up the site after i fine it again :S

28 Oct 2007 - 18:02636
Thank you for the help, I will certainly check out the site once you have posted a link

30 Oct 2007 - 01:42667
They're not that hard to make actually ^_^ I'll see if I can find a tutorial. If I remember correctly, you just need a really long piece of the wicker-like stuff (which I found in a fabric shop).

And I know you'll be able to do it easily LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

30 Oct 2007 - 03:56673
Thanks any tutorials you could past on about making the sandals would be great as it would be cool if I could at least try to make them myself. Although I think you may have more faith in my skills then I have lol but I am certainly willing to give sandal making ago

31 Oct 2007 - 01:50691
I'll try and find it! If all else fails...there are some good ones on ebay I've seen people wearing. My first pair came from qqcosplay but I remade them for my second Kenpachi costume. They feel like walking on gravel for someone of my weight LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

31 Oct 2007 - 02:33695
it tuk some time but i found the shop where i got my straw sandals and geta from, the shop is fun of cool stuff so just look around,


31 Oct 2007 - 03:49703
Ha! I found a good tutorial on coscom, I think I used a similar one, but this looks good!

It has diagrams/illustrations and everything LOL

Waraji Tutorial

CosplayIsland Staff Member

31 Oct 2007 - 16:09711
Thanks guys for the help. I will take a look at the tutorial and if all else fails I can buy a pair from the shop recommended. In fact I might do both as I hope to be cosplaying Matsumoto a few times next year

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