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24 Dec 2013 - 16:54109811
Detangling a super long wig help!
I love my super long (thigh-length) black wig, or at least I did when I first got it! I would really like to reuse it again but it's rather tangled from a couple of wears now. What's the best/easiest way to detangle it?

24 Dec 2013 - 19:22109814
The first advice is take your time. If you rush, you'll only sadly make it worse.

But, you can untangle wigs by using some detangler spray (I use Mane and Tail, which you can find in some shops (not sure which, I've only found one brand to stock it on and off) or online) and your wig brush that isn't metal toothed.

Once you have your tools, you need to lay out the wig and separate it up into sections, smaller works best, but you can do in four easily. From there slowly brush out each section to remove tangles. Once you've done one side, you can turn your wig over and repeat to remove the tangles brushed to the underside.

If once you've brushed it all out carefully, you can spray the whole wig and brush through the entire wig to see if any knots remain.

Sometimes, the worst knots are best to try and detangle by using your fingers first before brushing, and you can spray the mane and tail from the start to help as you brush the sections out.

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27 Dec 2013 - 19:14109855
I've attempted to section it off into small parts so I can brush it but it's so long and tangled that I can't quite do it (the top half criss crosses all over the place with tangles, making it impossible to seperate).

I have heard of using conditioner with it too though and will likely look into some detangler spray.

27 Dec 2013 - 22:22109858
Make sure you are using a wide tooth comb
Make sure you start at the bottom and brush up to the roots
If you brush on a hard surface such as a tile floor it really helps.

Hope some of that helps, it's all I can think of to add. The advice above is all very useful!!

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