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20 Dec 2013 - 00:28109740
Cosplay in South East England
Hi there!

I've noticed that there is a serious lack of cosplay groups here in the UK!

So my aim is to create a cosplay group mainly based in the South East England (Kent, Essex, London, Chichester, Southhampton etc) I am based in Kent and find it so very hard to find a cosplay group.

It would be amazing to know if there are others who would like to form a group where we could have meets and film CMVs etc.

So whether you cosplay an anime or TV series movie etc I would love to hear from you! I cosplay Hetalia and starting on a Avengers one! But I'm open to anything and everything!

Up for it?

20 Dec 2013 - 08:57109742
Hello im a little far away in Fareham between Portsmouth and Southampton but i have a friend who cosplays who lives in kent who might be interested .

20 Dec 2013 - 09:09109743
There are a few Facebook Groups for South-East cosplayers. KentCos seems to be the most active: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kentcos/

But by all means, do make something as well if you feel there's a gap you could fill. I'd probably be very much up for it.

20 Dec 2013 - 23:22109758
It'd be awesome to get a load of us together! I know of KentCos as a group and a friend of mine joined them but felt a little intimidated as they are a rather large group now.

Getting a load of us together would be awesome as it would allow us to chat and generally be crazy!

I'm going with a friend to Supercon in London next March as Enchantress (Marvel) So it'd be brilliant if a group of us could go

21 Dec 2013 - 00:40109760
Essex and London both have big cosplay groups ^_^

CosplayIsland Staff Member

15 Jan 2014 - 22:15110502
Well... I live in Kent and actually want to start a Cosplay group myself, I only do Hetalia (and probably KNK) but only has a pictonian cosplay for now...

16 Jan 2014 - 21:29110524
I'm over in maidstone, would be great to get a group of local cosplayers together

16 Jan 2014 - 22:06110526
Well... I am about Canterbury-ish (actually simply Canterbury...)

18 Jan 2014 - 23:44110598
I'm from Essex

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