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17 Dec 2013 - 20:41109666
Corset pattern help
I have 8 pieces for the corset pattern I have, but they don't seem to fit together =/ is this normal and what can I do?

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17 Dec 2013 - 20:55109667
DO you know what the pattern name is and are the pattern pieces named/numbered?

8 seems a bit excessive, but you may have a pattern from the outer side and the inner side (the coutil and the fancy fabric for the outer bit).

Also, from experience they don't look like they go together. They're really fiddly, so be sure to actually mark on the triangle bits that show how it fits together, otherwise you will get so lost with it and spend time wondering if you've sewn the two together properly.

Hope that helps

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17 Dec 2013 - 21:13109668
Some corset patterns do have eight pieces, it really is down to the sort of pattern you've bought. As Nixie says, corset patterns don't tend to fit together when laid out because the idea is that they follow the shape of your body and are able to be curved to your shape because of the nature of a corset. Just keep in mind what pieces sit where and you should be fine.

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