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15 Dec 2013 - 03:17109616
Harley Quinn costume help!
Hi! I'm looking to buy (not make. My skills aren't that good and it's mainly for a fancy dress party) a Harley Quinn costume from the original animated series of Batman. So...basically the red and black jumpsuit! I've seen so many people cosplay her, and I'd really love to dress up as her, the only problem is, I can only find costumes that go up to a size "Medium." aka 10-12. This has really bugged me as i'm a 12-14 and I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere that I could buy the costume in this size? I've seen cosplayers who are a similar size to me wearing the costume, and I really would like to know where they brought theirs from.

NEW ACCOUNT- Coffeecat
19 Dec 2013 - 22:35109735
If you're talking about the official DC costumes, then they're actually bigger than they appear to be; also, looking at a listing for them on Amazon, it says it's a 10-14, which would make sense as, a friend of mine cosplayed Harley and at the time they had similar measurements to my current ones which are about 40"-31"-40" and I'm pretty sure their costume was the Medium DC Gotham Girls outfit. I could be wrong, it was way back in '08 or '09 and they sold it ages ago so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure it was. It kinda depends on your height I think more than anything. My friend was about 5ft 3"-4"-ish at the time and I do know for a fact they got into our other friend's Medium Catwoman cosplay, which fit them quite well. Friend 2 is about 5ft 7" and around a size 8-10 (pretty sure at the time she was a 6-8) and it fit them and then another friend who is around the same height as her but is a 10-12-ish. I think both costumes came from XS stock.

I did spot this one on my travels though, not sure about the quality, but it could certainly be modded (cut the face off the cowl, buy/make a new mask, make a new collar and cuffs, etc.), but the base is there and it's not too costly: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fancy-dress-party-lycra-spandex-zentai-costume-HARLEY-QUINN-size-S-XXL-/271297455964?pt=Adult_Fancy_Dress_UK&hash=item3f2a96a75c

With Zentai's I'm usually a Medium as well because they are stretchy and I am 5ft 2", though in the kinda Catwoman catsuits I'm a Large or even an XL as I have "boobs of steel" TM and the Medium catsuit I bought first to mod for my Ladydevimon cosplay could not cointain them... to the point that the zip exploded and I had to cut myself out if it! lol.

Exploding zippers aside, basically, you have to try stuff like that on before you know for sure if it'll fit or not; so going to a local costume shop might be worth it. Sizes in womenswear mean absoloutely nothing, it's the measurements that count and two people who are completely different body types can end up wearing the same size.

If you're still not sure or if it deffo doesn't fit, then you can commission one. I do take commissions, but it is obviously more expensive, but feel free to PM me for a quote, I'll get to it after New Year.

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