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14 Dec 2013 - 11:24109594
Cosplay injuries
What the worse injury you have incurred whilst cosplaying? So far I have lost an entire toenail and a patch of hair that still won't grow back!

14 Dec 2013 - 11:35109595
Hot-glue burn on my hand.

Quite a popular one if what I hear is true XD

14 Dec 2013 - 11:54109596
Sunburn is my only injury while wearing cosplay i got really burnt at ayacon XD

14 Dec 2013 - 13:12109597
The amount of accidents that's occurred while in cosplay is high for me...
Gone from the usual cuts and burns from making cosplays, to walking into doors and low things as I can't see due to wigs, and even to the plain stupid like being kicked in the face by accident by a friend and having a nose bleed.
No idea which is the worst even if it's probably the nose bleed logically

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14 Dec 2013 - 13:38109598
the only injury I've had so far is when I was at WLFCC back in October and wore my boots two consecutive days in a row, caused the actual boots to rub against my skin and cause bruises and marks which took a month to heal. By god it killed.

14 Dec 2013 - 14:25109600
I was the only person at the whole of Amecon 07 to need the Ops first aid kit when I snipped a big V-shape cut into my finger with the scissors trying to cut stray threads off my costume!

14 Dec 2013 - 15:05109601
Quote PandoraCaitiff:
Hot-glue burn on my hand.

Quite a popular one if what I hear is true XD

I live by the rule "hot glue is hot."

As I always find out when cosplaying.

14 Dec 2013 - 16:13109602
I absolutely trashed my feet when wearing shoes for my Serah Farron costume. I think I counted around 9 blisters collectively between both feet.

Getting needles under the nail is another common one for me but hurts like hell!

14 Dec 2013 - 16:58109603
Quote Angel Tear:
I absolutely trashed my feet when wearing shoes for my Serah Farron costume. I think I counted around 9 blisters collectively between both feet.

Getting needles under the nail is another common one for me but hurts like hell!

Ugh! I forgot needles. And pins. My hands are covered in small scars

14 Dec 2013 - 18:11109605
Making cosplays: I have suffered numerous needle and pin related injuries to my fingers.

Wearing cosplays: While wearing my Assassins Creed Harlequin costume some idiot decided to ‘assassinate’ me by running up behind me without warning and swinging his sword across my neck. Due to his poor coordination though he ended up hitting me right across the mouth instead. Luckily the mask was fairly solid and took the worst of the damage but a lot of the force was transferred to the bridge of my nose and I was left with a cut and bruise there.

14 Dec 2013 - 18:46109606
Have burnt and cut myself on a few occasions making stuff and wearing stuff, well there's several cases of me wanting to cut my own feet off after parading around in very very high heels for to long, plus corsets crushing innards and far to many costumes you simply can't go to the loo in . We suffer for our art.

14 Dec 2013 - 19:07109610
I've also done the hot glue gun thing. Put my hand down in some hot glue, didn't dose it in cold water quickly enough and ended up with a blister of epic proportions on my finger for days. Now I have a bowl of cold water to one side when I'm gluing.

The other one is cracking my fingernail by slamming the foot of the sewing machine down on it. Hurt so much that I briefly thought I might have sewn through the finger.

14 Dec 2013 - 22:18109612
I sprained my ankle a little while I was doing a Sailor Moon photoshoot at Gemucon from wearing high heels. Nothing serious but explains why my shoes didnt match my costumes half the convention XD

At Kitacon '12 I cut my knee as I was overexcited seeing a friend and will be cosplaying together and slipped ^^;

Also the usual pins and needles stabbing and getting into my skin. Even stabbed my thumb with a seam ripper and its much more hurty than i'd ever imagined lol

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15 Dec 2013 - 10:25109618
Wow I feel like wuss. The worst thing I've ever gotten was a blister...

15 Dec 2013 - 11:53109619
Sliced a nail from where I was being too hasty with the rotary cutter - fortunately, no blood came in contact with the cosplay. X3

Other than that, there was the case with a pair of lolita-platform shoes that put my back out for a while, and headaches from wigs that were too small!

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15 Dec 2013 - 17:07109623
I haven't had anything that bad happen, but I get a lot of sewing related injuries - including accidentally pushing the needle through my nail, I'm just glad it was just my nail (as I tend to have long-ish nails) and not my finger.

15 Dec 2013 - 20:48109628
I'm accident prone......

Making cosplays - Pins and needles stabbings, Scars from hot glue burns, blisters on fingers from heat gun and worbla making, Crushing my finger with sewing machine foot, Sewing myself to the cosplay (this is just off the top of my head XD)

Transporting cosplay - Had my sword hanging out a bit of my suitcase as it don't fit in and I was dragging suitcase up the stairs of the under ground with sword bashing my hand every time...... Had massive bruise by end of day. Almost fallen off escalators as suitcase didn't fit on properly. Pulled arm carrying Giant wings in one arm and heavy suitcase in other.

In Cosplay - Blisters galore!!! Fallen over in GIANT platforms, damaged back even more with wearing a real horse saddle then thinking it be wise to let the Fiancée sit on my saddle. Fallen over Stupid Sora shoes because they so freakishly big, Stabbed people with my arm guards on my Kai cosplay.....They made from Worbla and are quite sharp ^^; Been choked by my scarf (From either people actually trying to choke me *Great old Manchester and your chavs* or people standing on scarf causing me to choke by accident) Corset fastened so tight the boning broke and dug into me at a reallllllly bad angle for atleast 6 hours before we took it off to see what was going on and had a bruise lasting for months =/

This is just some of MANY I have had..... Didn't wish to bore you guys XD

15 Dec 2013 - 21:37109630
Mainly glue gun burns, although to echo what Darkie said, I've had bruises from corsets. Also binding as well during my very first cons.

At my very first Alcon, I used bandages and even though I wasn't in them for very long, they still left thin red marks.

15 Dec 2013 - 22:24109631
mainly needle pricks and glue gun burns

ive also had a major sunburn after 6 hours outside in the scorching may expo heat without suncream, god that was a killer although i still have a star sun scar which is the only good thing i can see from it

also my first time using a chest binder, putting it on for the first time nearly killed me i stupidly put it on too tight and almost felt like i was gonna die, luckly i did this at home and defiantly learned my lesson

16 Dec 2013 - 05:33109634
i was at the wlfcc this time as wonder woman, yes Im the guy who does it for charity, at the end of it I desided to change took off very tight corset, took off rubber girdle, very tight, took deep breath and passed out. came to a minute later still in changing booth.

16 Dec 2013 - 13:26109637
Had a good few injuries.. uhh.. not really sure where to start here! Obviously general stuff like blisters from shoes, glue gun burns, sticking my fingers together with superglue, getting pins/needles stuck in my fingers/under nails/in my side/feet etc.. yeah.. I'm really clumsy XD;;;

There's been wayyy more than this but these are the best ones I can remember:

- Dropped my suitcase on my foot before leaving for a con and ended up smashing my big toenail. It was fine, just a bit cracked and a bit sensitive.. until the third day of the con when I woke up to BLOOD EVERYWHERE. I'd say that was the most horrible experience/injury..

- The sleeves for my Nanoha had boning to keep the shape, which wasn't capped off and dug into my arm for about 8 hours. When I finally took the costume off I had HUGE blood bruises where it had dug in. Ouchhh

- When I made Komugi her socks have patterns all over which were handsewn whilst on my legs. I have really sensitive legs and wearing high socks can make them numb, so little did I realise that where they'd been handsewn the needle had caught my skin underneath so I had star and moon shape cuts on my legs... they didn't heal for months and ached SO bad haha

- When I wore Komugi in Japan for WCS I almost passed out.. a lot of it was dehydration but the weight on my head didn't help (heavy wig and a tight hat with wires poking in, not a good mix in strong heat)! Almost blacking out in front of a huge crowd of people isn't a fun experience at all!

- At October Expo this year I wore a hat that was pinned to my wig underneath, and it's since caused a little bald spot on my head that hasn't recovered yet ;_;!

- Did a photoshoot for a costume with loads of cakes (Stocking) the day after I had a tooth removed. My face was swollen (thankfully makeup helped a lot) but this was TORTURE as I couldn't actually eat anything :[

- Finally, not an injury, but more a warning... wearing ANYTHING WITH A BODYSUIT. It's a nice idea! Really! But take your health and wellbeing into consideration BEFORE you put it on! Honestly, they're not fun to get in/out of when you really need the bathroom!!

16 Dec 2013 - 17:37109640
Making =

Obviously there's the obligatory iron and hot-glue burns, scalpel and scissor cuts as well as pin and needle injuries; including sticking a needle right under my nail and bleeding all over a costume... luckily it was a Silent Hill Puppet Nurse, so it was supposed to be bloodstained!

I also have multiple-chemical-sensitivity (MCS), so there's a lot of art supplies, glues, fabrics and dyes I am not really allowed to work with. Allowed to, supposed to and going to anyway are kinda grey areas with me and cosplays though. Addmittedly most of these incidents happened before I was diagnosed and I'm a lot more sensible about my health nowadays (though not 100% there yet), but:

- I have fainted and been made really unwell because of inhaling dye fumes.

- Once I burnt a huge hole in my thumb from using super-glue that took 6-months to heal up; you could actually see the muscle at first, which was pretty disgusting (and painful). This is possible for anyone if not you're careful, but I really can't use solvent-based glues because of medical reasons. It also makes me really sick for days to breathe it in anyway now.

- I get rashes which can turn into infected sores (lovely) from synthetic fibres, so both wearing and working with man-made fabrics is a bad plan; the most I can cope with is 10% synthetic in a cotton or viscose blend these days, preferrably
5% or less. I no-longer make my own costumes from anything but natural fibres if I can help it (and if I can't for any reason I have to wear a cotton bodysuit underneath it like with my Yu Meiren costume; in that case mostly to protect me from glitter. lol.), but I do take on commissions as part of Blood/Sugar Cosplay with synthetic fabrics, which is pretty naughty of me. I'm going to have to stop doing that soon and pass those ones on to Zomboi and Raine to make as I'm getting worse, not better.

Wearing =

- Make-up, skin adhesive and face-paint based allergic reactions are not fun and have in the past been very frequent for me; ranging from rashes up to actual anaphylaxis. Again, this is entirely down to having MCS and Salicylate Intolerance. I've got it fairly under control now, but back in the day learnt that I was allergic to liquid eyeliner (the only one I can wear so far is Urban Decay) when I put it on and my eyes swelled closed. They were painful and red for days. Same thing happened with eyelash glue until I found one I could use. I'm also allergic to the hand stamps they use(d) at Expos and had similar reactions to this.

- Speaking of Expo hand-stamps, I am super allergic to whatever the wristbands are made of/coated in and at May Expo this year (the first time I'd had one of their wristbands since I got really sick in 2010) within about 5 mins of them putting it on me my entire forearm had turned bright red, was tingly-feeling like pins-and-needles, had started to swell and was itchy to the point of painfulness. I had to run back to the check-in and get them to cut me out of it. It took about 3 hours for the redness to go away and it was still tingly until the next day. They had to write a signed note on my printed ticket and I had to show it and my passport to get in; then at first I still had to show a couple of the door guards my bright red arm as well as this for them to believe me and the next day those prowling ticket touts kept trying to tell me that I was lying and needed to buy a new band or a hand-stamp (which I am also allergic to) from them! I am not eager to go through that again anytime soon, so next Expo I go to I will be contacting them in advance armed with a Dr's note! lol.

- I actually also can't wear the lanyards from conbadges because they're usually polyester or nickel-plated metal beads, so I either have to wear it on my bag, clipped to my belt (only in long skirts or trousers though) or take it off the lanyard and safety-pin it to my costume; which lots of cosplayers do anyway for aesthetic reasons. That's got me in trouble with the odd gopher on occasion too, but generally isn't as big an issue as Expo. I did discover my aversion to these lanyards before I knew why it was happening though: I think I had to stop wearing them touching my skin around Auchi 2008 when it left a horrible, sore groove and a rash in the skin around my neck. Luckily I was wearing my first Lisa Garland costume, which had a collar, so I just popped it under that and it was fine. The rest of my costumes that con also had collars luckily, so I ended up using them as a buffer or clipping it to the belt of my jeans/shorts.

- Ayacon 2011, dressed as Scanty from PSG, I fell off my heels and damaged my ankle, which was actually not my fault, surprisingly. One of the official photographers, kept telling cosplayers, who couldn't move in their cosplays (including some awesome Gitarooman cosplayers who couldn't even sit down properly) that they couldn't sit in the front couple of rows because they were reserved for "cosplayers who couldn't move properly". Well, our Corset couldn't stand up or sit down properly or really walk in his shoes, and our Kneesocks was just about fainting of lack of food by that point (which tbh was our own stupid fault) and though I could have managed to get up another row or two, they couldn't. I was trying to get up and help though because he'd been quite rude to us and the others about it and we felt guilty in case we were taking up space - even though the gophers had told us to sit there because our costumes were quite awkward, not as awkward as a fur-suit, but awkward enough to need a bit of assistance with things like stairs and they knew that all 3 of us are a bit disabled - so trying to help my friends up, which failed because Zomboi/Corset actually couldn't get up the stairs anyway, I caught my foot in a chair when I went back to my seat, fell on my butt and twisted my ankle. I was limping for the rest of the con, it took weeks to heal and it still bothers me when it's very cold 2 years later. There are some pretty special photos of me being "dead" Rin later at the con because the ankle gave out and I fell over trying to pose for (marginally) more serious photos. Needless to say, I am not listening to certain rude photographers ever again. ;P

- I've become faint from binding also, actually not because of the compression, but because, again, of the fabric affecting my dermographism to the point where the gouges in my skin that they leave where the fabric rolls and bunches, etc. have made me dizzy from pain. I have not bound since Ame 2012 as a result, but I'm working on a safe way around that.

- Not breaking in shoes before a con and then seriously regretting it is another big one. Though tbh, that happened at Ame 2012 due to my actual, non-cosplay shoes falling apart the day before the con and having to buy new ones before I left. I ended up wearing my Rubbish Tiger cosplay slipper-boots pretty much the rest of the con. lol.

- Wigs can be a nightmare for leaving me with rashes and wig caps leave sore, red marks on my forehead. This is also to do with them being synthetic, but human hair wigs are just too expensive most of the time so I tend to just put up with it. It's not too much of an issue as long as when I start getting too itchy to bear I take the wig off for a while at least. I'm going to have to figure out a non-synthetic alternative to wig caps though. My hair does act as a buffer though so neither of these problems is too bad generally.

Tbh, I have done much worse to myself through clumsiness irl than at cons and in cosplay and I have had various limbs bandaged at cons to do with falling over something days or weeks before the event at college/uni/home, etc. This has previously resulted in me being questioned on the accuracy of a couple of costumes. This is met by my blankest look and a reply of "That's not part of the costume, I am genuinely injured", whilst inside I silently facepalm.

It's mainly health-issues rather than injuries that cause me problems with cosplay (and life), but if I stopped doing everything I enjoy (and even don't enjoy, but are just necessary) because of them I would have to live in a sterile room doing nothing all day and eating only plain porridge. That doesn't sound much of a life to me, so, yeah, maybe some of the things I do, including cosplay, aren't that good for me, but, I'd rather be a bit sick and happy than completely well and have no life at all. Cosplay can be a dangerous hobby, but it's worth it in the end.

16 Dec 2013 - 19:29109642
Quote Exelia:
- Finally, not an injury, but more a warning... wearing ANYTHING WITH A BODYSUIT. It's a nice idea! Really! But take your health and wellbeing into consideration BEFORE you put it on! Honestly, they're not fun to get in/out of when you really need the bathroom!!

The reason my Jiraiya was in two parts.

16 Dec 2013 - 23:47109650
I trod on some broken glass when I was doing a barefoot cosplay and left a trail of blood all over the floor leading up to hotel ibis and in the foyer and lift

18 Dec 2013 - 00:00109673
oh jeez, my prototype digitigrade stilts for my Alice the Rabbit cosplay.

If anyone saw me at Aya, I may have looked brave but I was in some severe pain by the end of the day (I'd worn them too long and adjusted them to make them too tight).

My upper thighs were just a ring of deep bruising, I'm still dealing with the cysts that keep forming from the soft tissue damage I sustained from wearing them incorrectly - I was afraid of being knocked down because at previous events people hit the back of the stilts through carelessness and almost toppled me, I raised the tension too much as this was the result.

Too much pressure on my feet made me very unhappy, I had to wear slippers to work!

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