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12 Dec 2013 - 13:18109558
How do you like your cosplay photography?
A few questions for cosplayers and photographers out there.

How do you 'like' your cosplay photography?

Do you prefer seeing high-quality, high-saturation/colourful cosplay photos as opposed to low-saturation photos?

And do you prefer cosplay photos with a white screen background, or cosplay photos in a particular setting/location relevant to the character?

Are there any other editing tools you like to use/see when "revamping" cosplay photos?

I'm exploring and experimenting with different aspects of cosplay photography, and would love to hear your opinions and preferences.

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12 Dec 2013 - 13:51109559
Personally I prefer pictures to be of the whole costume, and to look like they would if I was present and looking at the costume with my eyes in a well lit environment.

I'm not a fan in general of the white background/strong lighting style, but I can see how people might want those for display purposes.

I particularly hate overly-worked and touched-up pictures. They present a unrealistic and unattainable image of cosplay and costuming.

EDIT: I'll make an exception to the last point for 'shopping laser beams, or super-seiyan auras or magic spells to a pic.


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12 Dec 2013 - 15:32109561
im happy with a full body shot or situational photos though most of my costumes are taken on a self timer so I only have 10 seconds to make the pose so many mistakes but I get the right shot in the end

12 Dec 2013 - 19:57109564
I like seeing a balanced set of close-ups and full-body shots so you can see the whole costume as well as the details.

For me, an appropriate location generally is better where possible. It helps the cosplayer get into character easier for one thing!

Mild touching-up post-shoot is fine, like reducing shine, removing any blemishes and taking out things that look out of place, like cars/lamp posts/reflections/etc. Excessive shooping doesn't appeal to me at all.

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12 Dec 2013 - 21:09109566
I like a mix between full-body shots so we can look at all kinds of angles of the costume and close ups so we can have a good look of the details.

Im generally cool with some minor editing with lighting and removing skin imperfections, and I am fine with a highly edited photo or 2 mixed in with untouched images but a peeve of mine is when ALL photos are highly edited, but that leans more towards body shape since I tend to be more interested in the costume's construction over modelling, particularly with elaborate costumes.

I generally prefer outdoor lighting over hotels and photography rooms but as long as I have evidence to show my completed costumes I am usually quite content Regardless, photoshoots with good friends are always fun!

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13 Dec 2013 - 12:28109579
I'm 100% for location shoots and try to adapt those and the angles and lighting to the character, everything has to make sense in context

13 Dec 2013 - 20:06109584
Although I've not been part of a cosplay photoshoot yet, I'd still say that I prefer the general aesthetic of location shots over ones taken in front of a plain backdrop. Finding a fitting location that matches the cosplay serves to improve both the shots themselves and the overall experiences of cosplayer and photographer alike.

As for post-production, I can certainly see the merits of doing it within reason, such as altering eye colour for those who didn't/don't like wear(ing) contact lenses or adding in special effects (as most would be expensive/time consuming/impossible), provided they don't overwhelm the important parts of the photography; namely the cosplayer. But, like a lot of things, too much editing can end up ruining the pictures. Which isn't good for anyone.

13 Dec 2013 - 20:16109585
I generally like photoshoots that are done in a nice (relevant) location as it adds a nice, interesting background to the image but some people have done amazing things with the back of the Excel centre so not a necessity.

I don't generally like photos that have been edited onto a background unless they have been done to a very high standard as I find it makes it just look strange and un-natural and makes the cosplayer stand out in not a good way. Depending on the photos I actually like pictures that have had colour editing to a degree. I myself like to try and make colours *pop* as its just a style I like so I up the contrast on them. It really depends on what the character is as to which way I put saturation etc.

13 Dec 2013 - 22:23109587
Thank you so much for your answers, everyone! I really appreciate it, your points are really insightful. Thanks again.

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29 Dec 2013 - 11:27109888
i think it depends solely on timing tbh

you have to realistic when it comes to timing. for example if you are at a con like MCM and you see an amazing cosplay do you really have time to take them all the way to the outside greenery to get a "relevant" location? knowing it will take half and hour just to get back inside

if you DO have a studio set up at MCM like i did yes its a lot more convenient to get people in and out and more details BUT then you are left with samey shots with multiple cosplays over and over.

my preference is a hybrid between bringing multiple flashes around with me and setting up as and when.

but as i said this is merely my opinion as a con TOG

29 Dec 2013 - 16:06109894
I like artistic location shoots that reflect the character, whether it's their personality or what the scenery is like in the series itself. I particularly enjoy trying to recreate certain images.

I'm actually fairly pro-heavily photoshopped images if it helps achieve the look you're going for, I think it's all part of the art. Of course if it's a very real life setting then you wouldn't want to go too crazy any way.

In my own photography I usually edit the background more than anything and remove blemishes/dark circles or even shadows if the sunlight was too strong. British weather isn't the kindest for photography so I often up the contrast, change the colours of the grass for example to make it actually look alive and not just cut and dried out, etc.

It's very rare I post a non-edited photo onto my own CosIsland these days. Even the convention photos I get given, if it's not already edited I'll usually brighten it up because the convention halls are all dark or oddly tinted yellow.

21 Jan 2014 - 22:47110677
I like a mix.

Wherever possible, I like to actually be in a place that makes a good background for the character. I think it makes for a great shot, both of full length costumes and in close up.

However, as someone's already mentioned, English weather isn't very cooperative. And you're a bit limited on where you're allowed to take pictures without getting shooed away. So we've bought an infinity curve, tripod and some lighting gear, so we can set up indoors and take shots. These can then be edited into other backgrounds to make beautiful composites.

Both my other half and I use Photoshop for a living, and we find it's perfect for fixing things like colour balance, selective colour, levels, contrast, brightness... All that kind of thing.

25 Feb 2014 - 19:14111580
I like both studio and location photos really! I don't like too shopped photos but I do love the style editing and post processing can do, especially if the photo is taken in an appropiate location!

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