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10 Dec 2013 - 23:27109530
Help on putting wigs on with long hair
Sorry to change topic name lol but decided against the Nami cosplay.

anyway, how would I wear a wig and wig cap with long thick hair?

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11 Dec 2013 - 04:02109531
Having long hair myself, getting a wig on is a pain, especially if you don't want any wig bumps.

Best thing to do is plait your hair. Getting wigs and wig caps on would be much easier than putting it in a pony tail.

11 Dec 2013 - 11:50109537
My hair is almost waist length so what I do is put my hair into 2 pigtails and use lots of hairpins to anchor them down as well as keeping loose hair and bangs in place. Same can be done for longer hair but into a crown. Wigcap should then flatten it all.

As a bonus wigs wont slide as much

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11 Dec 2013 - 18:52109538
Yea the best thing to do with long hair is to braid it, preferably a french braid so you have grip when you put pins in to hold everything in place. (maybe two on each side of your head if you have very thick hair)

Another good way especially if it's a heavier wig is to make pincurls of your hair, put the net over and pin the wig to your hair.

For pinning i'd recommend these:
http://i41.tinypic.com/34sjyww.jpg (wig/bun pins)
not bobby pins!! these have a lot more grip and should keep your wig in place all day long

11 Dec 2013 - 20:04109540
thanks guys, really appreciate it as I've got a lollipop chainsaw wig and I'm frustrated that if I can't wear it, it's £49 down the crapper that I paid to get that wig.

11 Dec 2013 - 20:06109541
Not only braids and pins would keep everything in place, but I find bumps are more noticeable with ponytails and will cause other problems like hair going out of control under neigh, and making the wig feel loose. I only ever use ponytails when I am doing a lazy tester XD

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11 Dec 2013 - 20:54109544
i have pretty long hair,

i found if you straighten your hair first then split your hair into parts and fold them across your head an pin then flat with hair grips

it keeps everything even

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11 Dec 2013 - 23:29109548
I usually separate my hair into sections (2 if I'm in a hurry, more if I have more time), twist them up as tight as I can and then pin it all up as flat as I can. I'm quite lucky in that I have a small head to begin with though.

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11 Dec 2013 - 23:31109549
Yea I've got quite a 'big' head myself and very thick hair, it can be really annoying! especially when the big if shortish in the back etc..

When you go and spend a lot of money on wigs, try getting them from places that are known to have bigger size wigs like arda, I guess!

12 Dec 2013 - 11:11109555
I have long hair that I frequently end up sitting on, and sometimes braid, I always end up with cute waves after this, especially if you do it when your hair is damp.

If I'm pressed for time I will put my hair into a ponytail with a hair elastic rather than a regular hair tie, because those can get really bulky when coiled around (but they're really cheap from primark and you can get millions of them).
When its tight enough or on the last time you can twist your elastic I pull my hair through half way and fold it up against the top of my head and splay it out. Give it a good smoosh around when the wig cap is on to make sure everything is evened out. I dont use bobby pins, instead I opt for the ones that snap and lie flat...buuuut I usually end up with bad wig hair after this.

I find it helps if the wig cap has been broken in. If its too tight then it tends to slide up after a while, (the ones that look like the bottom of tights cut off) the netted ones are usually okay but can cut in after a while.

12 Dec 2013 - 11:44109556
It looks like your question has been answered already, but I'll throw in my few penny's worth anyway!

My hair is like a crossover between Taylor Swift's mop and a haystack - there's a lot of volume. I don't know how thick your hair is, but I find if I plait my hair to fit under the wig cap, the plaits are still very chunky and make the wig bulge in certain places.

The most successful method I've discovered yet is parting your hair into two (as if you were going to put them into pigtails or two side plaits) so you've got the left half of your hair and the right half of your hair. Cross over the right half over onto the left side and literally wrap the right side of hair around your head, fixing it in place with hairpins. By wrapping this piece of hair around your head, you make it nice and flat. Once you've pinned the right piece of hair in place, do the same with the left - wrap it tight around the right side of your head and pin in place.

If you have fluffy hair, then your wig cap is essential!

Hopefully this made some kind of sense, good luck!

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