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09 Dec 2013 - 15:56109492
Sewing a jacket?
I want to create a Naruto cosplay, and I need to know how to sew his Shippuden jacket.

Now, I'm willing to go out and buy materials, so do you have any suggestions of where I should buy then?

Or should I just buy them from charity shops?

Now, I need your help! Can anyone link me to templates or any good videos, or just give me an advice?

Note, I do have a sewing machine at home ^_^ yaay!

OH YEAHY! And the zippers, where do I buy the zippers from?

AND I LIVE IN COVENTRY!!! So link me to shops areound coventry, or so ^_^'

09 Dec 2013 - 16:27109493
Basically you have two choices: find something that looks close enough from a charity shop or ebay and alter it or sew from scratch. If you want to make it from scratch I'd start by finding a pattern you can alter (reference pictures would be useful if you want specific suggestions of patterns). There's a whole range of places to buy fabric online under the shops tab (www.efabrics.co.uk is good, for example) on this site but finding a fabric shop you can visit has the advantage that you'll be able to see and touch the fabric in person before buying. You'll be able to buy zippers in most places that sell fabric.

09 Dec 2013 - 20:15109503
Most of the tutorials I found talk about using a black jacket as a base and then adding the detailing (the orange, the red, etc). One I found said they used a tracksuit pattern. If you have a tracksuit top or something similar, you could use that to trace around for a basic pattern (but don't forget to add seam allowance and the like)

There are a few video tutorials on YouTube. I haven't checked them all out fully, but they all seem to be using black jackets and orange shirts:


If you really want to make the jacket from scratch, this is a fairly simple video about putting it together (though obviously yours will be in a different style): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8f2KVZwbJY

If you Google fabric shops in Coventry, you should be able to see if there are some near you. Or if you can find the same colours on clothes for cheaper in places like Primark or charity shops, you can use those too.

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