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07 Dec 2013 - 17:39109463
Best glue for eyebrows
I need to stick something over both my eyebrows for a particular costume, but I really don't want to lose my eyebrows in the process of removing. Is spirit gum and remover best for this? Or should I try eyelash glue instead?

07 Dec 2013 - 20:39109468
Spirit gum is really sticky...so although it'll be sure to hold whatever it is in place...yeah you will run the risk of eyebrow removal!

Depending on what you're sticking...will PVA be strong enough? I regularly use PVA glue to cover my eyebrows to paint on them, and it just wipes straight off, so that's an idea.

12 Dec 2013 - 11:52109557
I'm not sure if I would recommend this, especially if you have very fine and well-kept eyebrows (unlike me) but I like to use a fresh prittstick/glue stick when putting things on my eyebrows. (:

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18 Dec 2013 - 17:14109692
Done a bit of research in this area and decided that my best bet would be eyelash glue, as its designed to be on hair anyway, but i may avoid putting the glue literally on my eyebrows and just around.

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