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05 Dec 2013 - 08:55109414
Not photography but drawing workshops...

OK I know this could sound weird so will start with a vid which will hopefully explain more:


So I'm a tablet artist and college arts teacher (check out www.kercal.co.uk for more pics). I specialise in touch screen pictures and the students and I have managed to get to go to come fab places as a result (Gadget Show, Eurogamer, MCM etc).

We were lucky enough to draw a couple of Cosplayers at MCM last year and ever since then I've wanted to do it again so wondered if any Surrey based Coplayers would like to be the models? Obviously clothed and in costume as we'd want to have it as a student event and invite local secondary schools in. Male or female no probs, just need to sit comfortably for a couple of hours while people draw you

Any interest? Money would be limited (sorry, my budget was all but used up by mid Oct ) but we'd happily print out a large A1 copy of the artwork you liked best for you. Ideally I'd love a regular slot that we could promote with a range of models so no-one has to give up too much time.

Will post in the Surrey thread too but anyone interested please do give me a shout. It's something I'm very keen to get started in 2014

22 Mar 2014 - 16:59112198

I am new to cosplay but have got my first costume recently (Yui from Angel beats) I may be able to help you out?
I live in Ashford Middlesex if that is close?
depending on if you are intrested for me to be drawn and the times as I am a college student myself and live in Guildford on weekdays

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