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03 Dec 2013 - 18:53109386
Selling Soul Eater, Tifa Lockheart, maybe more.
Hello, hello.
I am selling some old costumes that I am no longer cosplaying from and I am looking for a good home for them!

The first up is my Soul Eater costume;


It includes the jacket, boots and pants. The wig and band is not being sold!
I spent a lot of time and effort on this costume, and I'll sell it between £45 - £50 considering the boots on their own cost this, I think it's fair!
It's in a great condition, and only worn once.
The size is small, 8 - 10 being for women, and small for mens. It was mainly fit to my body type, so measurements are as close to 8 as they are to 10.

Message me for details!

Tifa Lockheart is next.
This was my first costume made by me. The top half is easily a size 8, but I did make the bottom half too big. (Almost a 12!) but the way I went through this was tucking a belt underneath it. I'll upload pictures as soon as I get them! The material is pleather. The white top, jacket and the pants are included. Not the wig, shoes or the gloves.

I am looking for about £45 - £50 for this, but will be willing to discuss prices due to the bottom half being a bit bigger and a belt needed underneath. (Will post pictures as soon as I have them!)

I am also looking to sell my Undertaker costume:



Considering there is a lot to this costume, I won't part with it unless it's about £100 - £120. This includes the boots, wig, jewellery.

All postage will be an additional £6.22 for special delivery and will be there by 1 o' clock the next day (Depending on your time of buying!) and will be fully tracked and insured.

Let me know if you're interested, all prices are negotiable.


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