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29 Nov 2013 - 22:22109333
Fabric advice for dress!
I'm hopefully going to be cosplaying this version of Ada Vessalius from Pandora Hearts to kitacon. I'm a bit unsure on what fabric to choose for it as I'm a bit clueless when it comes to fabric. I don't want anything too shiny, I don't mind a slight shine (as long as it doesn't look terrible with camera flash). Any help would be amazing

Ref image:

I've had a look at what other cosplayers have done and I love the dark pink material used here for the top but I'm unsure of what it is?


But I prefer the look of the fabric used for the skirt in this cosplay:


If you can help, that would be great

30 Nov 2013 - 12:47109336
The dark fabric on the top image looks like velveteen on first appearance, but looking closer I think it might be duchess satin with the texture painted/using dye to achieve it - which is probably the type of fabric I would use. Go for Duchess Satin if you decide to go down that route, it has two sides with different textures and shines, so you can either order a sample or go in person and check either sides, there have been times where I've used the more 'matte' side.

as for the skirt of the second image it definitely looks like chiffon. It's floaty and can catch and have tugged threads but gives a beautiful look, you'd probably want some sort of base to the skirt in a cotton or something of a similar colour because you'd need a lot of it to make it look less...transparent.

Hope this helps!

30 Nov 2013 - 13:46109338
I agree with the suggestion above but I'd also like to say when you cut the dress part cut it on the bias as it will hang better. I only found this out a few weeks ago and it seems really important to making dresses.

30 Nov 2013 - 19:58109341
From the way it's coming out in the photos I'd be tempted to say the first bodice example has used a crushed velvet.

The skirt in the second picture might be, as Angel Tear, said, chiffon overlay because the waist bow is clearly a chiffon but the seams in other pictures don't seem to show two fabrics, so I'd say she's gone with a single fabric for the skirt.

Since, in theory, this skirt is just going to sit on a hoop it doesn't have to have float and drape so you could use a taffeta or a duchess satin. If you wanted something with more float you could go with acetate satin or satin backed dupion or crape (both of these have textures but this can emphasise a cosplay and make a ball gown more interesting). You could use a microfibre/peachskin if you wanted a soft texture with drape.

The same goes for the bodice, duchess satin, taffeta, satin backed crepe or dupion.

If you've seen fabrics or wallpapers with slightly raised velvet or felt decoration this is called flocking if you wanted to go down the route of decorative fabrics.

With this cosplay the first cosplay example has made a point of matching the gloves and bodice. This might be why she went for a velvet because of all the fabrics I've mentioned that's the only one with any stretch/give and will therefore make comfortable gloves (as well as being easier to make gloves with). The second cosplayer has bought gloves or has at least made them with a different fabric as it's paler than the bodice.


02 Dec 2013 - 08:54109362
Thank you for your comments and help!
Definitely given me more ideas for what sorts of fabrics I could possibly use. Decided to order a few samples and see what I like best

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